Whether you want to look like a princess or make a statement, wearing a tiara is the perfect way to do it! Embody the queen that you already are with these amazing tiaras in the Philippines or read about how to slay an outfit with a tiara below.

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Everything you Need to Know about Tiaras

While some fashionistas think that tiaras are a little too "over the top", everybody agrees that tiaras are absolutely stunning. Worn mostly by women in formal occasions such as weddings or proms, tiaras are a symbol of royalty and elegance. Though it can be a little bit tricky to pull off a look with a tiara, the payoff is definitely worth all the bobby pins. So, if you want an accessory that would steal the show, choose a tiara and style your hair like a princess.

What are Tiaras?

Tiaras are ornamental crowns that are worn by on formal occasions, usually by royalty or women of importance. For as long as we have known about fairytales, kings, queens, and princesses, tiaras have always existed to symbolize elegance and regality. As an accessory, tiaras are designed to be worn around the head with jewels, crystals, and other precious gems decorated on the band or the centerpiece.

While tiaras have been solely worn on white-tie occasions such as weddings (usually by the bride), debuts (by the female debutante), or on proms, wearing tiaras casually has been widely accepted thanks to social media platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, and Pinterest. So, the next time you get dragged down for sporting a tiara, stand tall and confident like the royalties of old.

How to Make a Statement with a Tiara

There are no clear rules on how to wear a tiara; you can wear it slightly to the left, right, at the front, or back and still look amazing. However, a tiara is still an accessory and you should consider it as one. As what fashion icon Coco Chanel said “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off”, which every fashionista should always take to heart. So if you want to wear a tiara, you should center the attention on it instead of wearing large brooches, earrings, or necklaces. Another tip is when you're wearing a single-shoulder dress, always point the tiara on the opposite direction.

A tiara can be worn in a great number of ways. It can be worn similar to a headband which sits right above the forehead or like a crown. You can also pull off a gatsby inspired look with a tiara placed on your forehead and covering your bangs (if you have any). There are also tiaras that can be pinned or inserted on a bun to create a formal and elegant look. Tiara placement should also be dependent on the hairstyle that you would like to wear on the event. While you can definitely wear one with your hair down, an updo or a bun is one of the most popular choice when wearing a tiara.

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