Looking for innovative products that will add value to your household? JML Direct offers a wide range of products that will fulfil the household needs of every customer. JML line of products is your trusted household retailer brand as its products often offer better value and great functionality. This UK-origin retailer brand wants you to get the most out of its products for it is very passionate in developing their products constantly to offer only the best.


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A trusted brand for products made from great ideas — JML

Everyone would agree that eating more vegetables and fruits is an essential part of our daily diet, so to get your daily boost of fruits and vegetable vitamins, a juicer is essential to every home’s kitchen. Look no further as JML’s innovative product design team have created a juicer that not only blends smoothies and protein shakes, but also make the finished mixture portable for take-away! This innovative JML Power Blender comes with two Sport Bottles that allows users to make the blend and drink from the same 16 ounce bottle. They don’t need to fuss over cleaning the leftover bits and pieces of the fruits as all the fruits’ fibre and nutrients will be blended well with the Power Blender’s high-powered base motor blending blades. JML always strives to add more value to its products by combining great new ideas when making them.

You can also find advanced JML products like the Automatic Hands-Free Can Opener, the very versatile Salad Chef set that makes salad making a breeze with a range of cutters and easy-to-use shredders. JML shopping experience is a very unique one as you can explore and search for home and living, health and beauty, cleaning tools as well as multipurpose kitchen tools. Doing housing chores will be much easier and less time consuming too with the JML X-Power Mop. JML promotions are also applicable on this multipurpose mop that can move about 360`with its swivel mop head.

JML Homeware collection

Many people dread to do house chores, if housewives had a choice, they would rather go shopping than doing all the housework restlessly. What if there were magical tools that will help you with your house chores? No, not like the magic wand that Cinderella’s Fairy godmother has but those that would cut your house chores time consumed by half. JML store operates majorly through tv shopping ads, offering a wide range of products and tools to help you with house chores, cooking and home cleaning.

Among JML's most popular items include Ironing Board Cover with Iron Rest Pad that will help to hold your clothing securely with its special cotton non-slip surface so you’ll have trouble-free ironing. Make laundry an easier task with the height-adjustable rack set called Ultimo Casa that comes with three removable bars. You don’t have to worry about leaving out your laundry under the unpredictable weather anymore as you can arrange all your clothing on this rack and place them indoors to dry. This rack supports up to 60kg or up to 250 pieces of clothing making it a complete tool for all your washing loads, be it small items like socks or those bigger ones like blankets. You could even use it as a living wardrobe to organise your clothes.

Cooking made easy with JML products

With JML products, baking and cooking can also be made easier and faster and more convenient too! JML cooking collection has four amazing brands that offer a variety of cookware appliances and electrical goods. The following are JML selected premium cookware brands:

  • Regis Stone – the brand has a range of non-stick, scratch-resistant pans in different sizes that are suitable for electric, gas, induction and ceramic hobs. Reduce the usage of oil when cooking with Regis Stone pans that have a superior even heat induction. It is also easy to clean as food residues, burns and sticky pastes can be washed off easily as Regis’s pans have a non-stick finish. Spend more time on real cooking and less time on washing with high quality JML products.
  • Ceracraft – upgrade your household cookware with these colourful ceramic cookware that are not only beautiful to look at but also highly functional as a cooking tool set. These PTFE-free non-stick cookware is ceramic coated and oven safe (up to 150`C) allowing you to cook on the stove and bake in the oven. Scratch resistant and highly durable, Ceracraft Pans are also easy to clean, users advised to use only silicon and wooden utensils to protect the pans coating.
  • Halowave – the all-in-one self-cleaning oven that cooks 40% faster than normal ovens. Using the fan-assisted halogen technology, Halowave Oven promotes fat-free healthy cooking as it requires less oil. The best thing is that users can also do multi-level cooking, just place a whole chicken and arrange your side vegetables around it, place the additional tray on top and you can also grill some sweet potatoes.
  • Go Chef – Don’t have a proper kitchen but still want to cook scrumptious meals? Get yourself this 8-in-1 multi-cooking Go Chef cooker. This big 5-litre bowl cooker can cook meals for up to six people. Users can experiment with the many recipes that are in the guide and bake, saute, slow cook, steam, roast and boil with the cooker.

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