Excite your olfactory senses with aromatic products from Jo Malone Philippines. Tapping into nature’s natural scent, the brand boasts its wonderful collection of perfumes, scented candles, skin and body products that would give a whole new meaning to aromatherapy. Browse for your favorite products below or click here to read more about Jo Malone Philippines.


Indulge in the world of Jo Malone Philippines

    Jo Malone – The enchanting world of the wonder women

    Among the strongest and most powerful senses of the body is your sense of smell. Compared to other senses, the sense of smell is directly connected to your brain, influencing your long term memories. This is the reason why certain aroma brings nostalgic feelings, and brings back memories from certain points in your life. Knowing the power of your olfactory senses, Jo Malone created an extensive collection of scents from organic raw materials, bringing you closer to nature with its unique combination of organic ingredients. Known for making natural scented candles, Jo Malone also has other luxury products such as bath and body and perfumes.

    The brand Jo Malone represents the quintessence and class of the British. It carries the most mysterious side of beauty that can only be seen through an individual style and taste. To achieve that charming British appearance, have a touch of Jo Malone. Anyone can be the Queen or King of their own Kingdom with a boost of confidence from Jo Malone. It is exactly what gives the British such sophisticated and royal look no matter what they dress in.

    Since its birth in 1994, Jo Malone has always been the most signature British brand in the garden of wonderful scent. The simplicity yet distinctive fusion of notes of Jo Malone is irresistible to not only the British but also the world. Today, Jo Malone is a part of the Estee Lauder family and continuing its production of scented, organic products that would bring a whole new meaning to aromatherapy. Jo Malone now has a global presence in over 22 countries, providing an extensive line of unique fragrances for its consumers.

    Explore the Jo Malone ‘secret garden’ of scent

    Jo Malone house a variety of beauty products, including fragrances as well as bath and body collections. It will never be enough to own just one Jo Malone. The fragrances and colognes line of the brand will up your perfume game in an instance. Discover from the house’s best-selling products below.

    Citrus Collection

    With the refreshing extracts from nature: lime basil & mandarin, grapefruit, earl grey & cucumber scents as the main notes, this collection in energising, enlivening and utterly tantalising.

    Floral Collection

    Just like its name, this perfume line is mesmerising like an actual garden filled with splendid flowers. Choose from orange blossom, blue agava & cacao, peony & blush suede, mimosa & cardamom for that intoxicating scent, which is equally alluring and persuasive.

    Fruity Collection

    Say hello to a unique fruity scent of Jo Malone, the splendid field of bursting scent of freshness. Let your sense of attraction go wild with Jo Malone’s collections of juicy fragrances including pomegranate noir, English pear & freesia, nectarine blossom & honey, blackberry & bay.

    Spicy Collection

    Seductive yet passionately loving, the Spicy perfume line is Jo Malone’s secret of love. Fall deeply in love with the intense scent of nutmeg & ginger, amber & lavender in the most enigmatic way.

    Light Floral Collection

    Achieve that elegant look and spread your sweetness to your surroundings with Jo Malone’s Light Floral collection. It is diaphanous, exquisite in a classic scent of French line blossom, white jasmine & mint, red roses and wild bluebell.

    Woody Collection

    If you are a woman of mystery, this perfume line is just pure perfection. The earthy, aromatic scent gives every style a more vibrant feel which will leave a strong impression on any passer-by. Choose what speaks your style from wood sage & sea salt, wild fig & cassis and 154 cologne.

    Jo Malone – More than just scent

    We can never have enough of Jo Malone hypnotizing perfumes, that is for sure. Hence, you can keep your signature scent from Jo Malone’s exclusive bath and body products that smell just as wonderful. The secret to natural alluring scent lies in Jo Malone’s bath & Body creation. You can find almost everything to keep your life delightful! The signature scents of Jo Malone perfumes are brought again in these daily care products, including the core notes Cirtrus, Fruity, Light Floral, Floral, Spicy and Woody.

    Jo Malone body oils will not only keep your body moisturized effectively but also give it a natural scent from precious ingredients that are unique to the brand. Choices of body oils include: dark amber & ginger lily, oud & bergamot, and velvet rose & oud.

    Don’t forget to explore the wide range of bathroom necessities like shampoo, conditioner and soaps from Jo Malone for a complete beauty enhancement. Imagine Jo Malone perfumes, except made for daily use, the splendid scent on your body will make even the nicest rose in the garden jealous.

    Maintain your skin wellness with Jo Malone’s Vitamin supplements too. These specialist skin care products will help to nourish your skin and other sensitive parts of your body from inside out to give it the flawless look without putting on makeup. These Vitamin E rich products include:

    • Gel
    • Lip Conditioner
    • Eye Crème
    • Moisturizing Day Crème
    • Hand Treatment
    • Body Treatment Scrub
    • Body Balm

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