Cleaning the house always seems like a compulsory chore for most of us. Even if we do not have an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, we still dread seeing a dirty house, much less a dirty, muddy front porch. Stains from food, fingerprints, footprints, mould, grime, condensation and moss are all an eyesore to have in our home. We wish to have tools that make cleaning easier with minimal effort. Fear not! Kärcher, the world-class brand of washing tools, is here to save the day with its legendary black and yellow high quality cleaning tools.

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Kärcher Series HD Solid Brass Snow Foam Lance Adapter Shipped from USA Part# 6080
Part No: 6080 Brand: AUTOMOTIVE Snow Foam Use: HD Brass Foam Lance + 1L Measuring Bottle + relevant adapter all included so you can begin foaming straightaway! It is imperative that before the 2 bucket method is used that heavy soiling is first loosened up and removed with a pressure washer. This will minimise any possible swirling and marring when it comes to the actual wash part of the detail when using your mitt. The foam lance when matched with snow foam produces a thick white foam that is sprayed directly over the vehicle. Whilst dwelling the foam breaks down the soling and drags it down the vehicle. After 3-4 minutes the vehicle is ready to be pressure washed. Once pressure washed a relatively clean vehicle is left over ready to be washed with a mitt. During winter months a stronger solution can be used to go over the car and be pressure washed off. This can be a touchless wash to bring the car up to a more presentable condition without having to get the mitt out! Adapters: Currently we have adapters for all Nilfisk, Lavor and Karcher applications. Kit Contents: X1 Foam lance with measuring bottle - Please note that the style of the bottle may vary between a solid outer version and an indented version. Please ask beforehand and we will be able to tell you what the current stock is for the bottle style X1 LAVOR Pressure washer Adapter You will require some PTFE tape to fit the adapter on. Adapters: Currently we have adapters for all Nilfisk, Lavor and Karcher applications.
₱ 4,765.00
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Kärcher Multi-function High-pressure Steam Cleaner Household Steam Wiping Machine Vacuum Cleaner
Description : Karcher Steam Multi-function High-pressure Steam Cleaner Household Steam Wiping Machine Vacuum Cleaner Feature : Sterilization and Descaling: Household multi-function steam cleaner, give you a 'steamed' clean home. Bring a comfortable and healthy home to your family. Deep Steam Cleaning: Steam cleaning saves time and effort, Pure water clean, healthy and environmental protection, Deep into the gap, the sterilization rate is 99.99%. High Pressure Steam: Water saving 80% efficiency increased by 25%. 3.2bar: Steam Pressure, 170km/h: Steam Velocity, 75: Clean the area Clean The Floor: 180 rotatable operation, It can help you easily clean up the whole house and make your home a new look. Clean The Kitchen: No need for chemical detergents, easy to remove oil. 6 Safety Technology: Safety Valve, Pure Aluminum Boiler, Thermostat, Fuse protection, Waterproof Case, Child Lock Function. Careful Design: Curved Handle, easy to hold, conwenient to receive and save space. BasicParameters Brand Karcher Model Ctk10 Type Steam Cleaner Function Parameters Water Tank Capacity 1L Steam Velocity 170km/h Steam Pressure 3.2bar Heating Time 6min Working Time 20-30min Cleanning Area 75m Specifications Rated Voltage 220V Rated Power 1400W Product Weight 4.932kg Product Size 404*254*265mm Package Contents 1 x Host, 1 x Elbow Nozzle, 1 x Small Round Brush, 1 X Ground Brush Head, 2 X Towel Set, 2 X Extension Tube ,1X Hand-held Scraping
₱ 10,486.09
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Kärcher WV5 Premium Window Vacuum Battery Powered Cleaner With Accessories
The Karcher WV5 Premium Vacuum Cleaner takes cleaning to a whole new level. Resulting in effortless and streak-free cleaning, perfect for crystal clear windows and surfaces. The Karcher WV5 Premium is not only for window cleaning, this versatile tool works on any flat surface and is ideal for tackling all kinds of cleaning jobs around the home and outdoors. The Karcher WV5 Premium can clean effectively across the home and motorhome in just one battery charge. The device handle is made from softer materials than the previous generations of Window Vacs, taking handling and ergonomics a step further. Equipped with manually adjustable distance guides on either side of the cleaning blade, the Karcher WV5 Premium delivers even better cleaning results in hard-to-reach spaces. Additionally, the second smaller blade reaches difficult areas such as Georgian windows or glass cabinets. Perfect for camping, caravanning and for motorhomes, the easy solution to cleaning! What is included: Spray bottle Microfiber cleaning cloth 20ml cleaning detergent concentrate Changeable cleaning heads (275 mm and 185 mm) Battery charger UK pin plug Battery Features and Specifications The soft grip handle makes the device even more comfortable to use Three lights indicate the current battery status 10% quieter than the previous models Window cleaning is three times faster with the Window Vac than with conventional methods Drip and streak-free results Quickly and easily empty the tank without encountering dirty water The window vac can be used on all smooth surfaces Removal battery and optional replacement battery (not included) allows uninterrupted cleaning Width suction nozzle, broad: 275 mm Width suction nozzle, narrow: 185 mm Wastewater tank: 100 ml Battery charging time: 185 min Battery life: 35 min Cleans 80 windows per charge Voltage: 100/240 V Frequency: 50/60 Hz Cordless Exchangeable lithium-ion battery Comes with 2 years guarantee Supplied with UK plug Take a look for yourself
₱ 11,826.00
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Kärcher NT 25/1 Ap 1.85 HP Wet Dry Vacuum with 5.5 gallon Dry Capacity & 3.3 gallon Wet Capacity
The Karcher Promise: Cleaner. Quicker. Professional level performance in a compact, easy to transport frame. Semi-automatic filter cleaning system: clean the filter with the simple push of a button. Significantly reduces the downtime required for filter cleanings and also increases the life of the filter by up to 3X. Compact Flat Pleated Filter: Resides completely outside the tank, thereby maximizing tank capacity. Typical filters occupy tank space, reducing the useable tank capacity by up to 25%; not the Karcher NT filters! Remove/replace the filter without opening the tank, avoiding the usual mess created by filter cleanings. Certified HEPA-Ready: combine with the optional HEPA filter to use in medical, industrial and other demanding settings. Superior air flow of 71 liters/second (18.7 gallons/second) Designed for both coarse and fine dust, as well as wet suction Peak HP: 1.85HP, Tank Size: 6.6 gallons, Air Flow: 150 CFM, Amps: 9.5 amps, Static Pressure: 97", Voltage: 120V, Hertz: 60 Hz, Watts: 1380W, Average Brush Life: 800 hours, Hose Length: 8 ft, Hose Diameter: 1.37 Inch, Suction Tubes: 2, Suction Tube Length: 1.6 ft, Suction Tube Material: Metal, Motor stages: 1, Power Cord Length: 24 ft, Wet Capacity: 3.3 gallons, Dry Capacity: 5.5 gallons, Filter Type: Flat Pleated Filter, Filter Cleaning: Semi-Automatic, Blower Function: No, Power Tool Outlet: No, Accessory Storage: Yes, Casters: Yes, Sound Level 67 dB, Included Accessories: Wet/Dry Floor Nozzle - Crevice Nozzle - Filter Bag, Certification: UL.
₱ 54,213.00

The iconic Black and Yellow brand

The most distinct characteristic about Kärcher tools is the black and yellow contrasting colours. It is not uncommon for power tools and home hardware tools to be coloured in contrasting two-toned colours. Albeit the black-yellow combination is synonymous with Kärcher home appliances. Originally built in blue, the trademark combination of colours came about in 1974.

Kärcher’s origins started with its founder, Alfred Kärcher in 1924. After completing his studies in Stuttgart he joined his father’s business and later made it an engineer’s office. With the dawn of the Second World War, Kärcher’s family-owned company shifted focus to home appliances for everyday use. Stoves, cookers and tractor trailers were some of the products innovated by the company. Before success came, Alfred Kärcher passed away, leaving the company to his wife Irene and later, to his children. Along with the colour change, the company diversified to produce high-pressure cleaning gadgets in 1974. Further branching out to create wet and dry vacuum cleaners, sweeper vacuums, scrubber driers, vehicle washing stations, steam cleaners and cleaning agents, Kärcher became one of the most popular brands in the world.

Kärcher’s cultural sponsorships

Kärcher’s name grew big in the market for high-pressure cleaning devices till a project to help clean monuments in heritage sites around the world became a reality. The project has been going on for over 30 years. Cleaning efforts include projects in Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Australia. Some of the projects done are listed here by continent:

• Königssee Ice Track - Berchtesgaden, Germany
• Nymphenburg Palace grounds - Munich, Germany
• London Eye - London, UK
• Haller Globe Theatre - Schwäbisch Hall, Germany
• Eibenstock Dam - Eibenstock, Germany
• Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church - Berlin, Germany
• Colonnades – Vatican City, Vatican City State

• Monumen Nasional - Jakarta, Indonesia
• Chungju Dam - Chungju, South Korea
• Lingshan Buddha - Wuxi, China
• Matsudagawa Dam - Ashikaga, Japan

• Colossi of Memnon - Thebes West, Egypt

• Statue of Christ the Redeemer - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
• Space Needle - Seattle, USA
• Mount Rushmore - Black Hills, USA
• Statue of Liberty - New York, USA

• Princes Bridge - Melbourne, Australia

If heritage sites across the world put their trust in Kärcher as the trustworthy brand for outdoor precision cleaning, how much more can the rest of us, citizens of the world confidently rely on this awesome brand?

A favourite name at home

Today, Kärcher has hundreds of products to its name. Some of the favourites used at home are the Kärcher high-pressure spray, Kärcher vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners.

The Kärcher high-pressure spray gun is the perfect tool for washing your car to a shine or for getting nasty grime off floors and tiles. For example, the Kärcher K2 Compact High Pressure Jet Cleaner comes with:

• limit of 110 Bar pressure,
• spray lance
• dirt-blaster lance
• suction inlet hose for detergent use
• a 4m long high pressure hose

The combination of these features makes the jet cleaner a personal favourite at home.

With rivals like Electrolux and Dyson, Kärcher’s vacuum cleaners have to be a step further in order to attract the market. One type of vacuum cleaner is Kärcher’s wet and dry vacuum cleaner. These heavy duty machines clean any dirty mess to make the area squeaky clean.

Always on the look out for innovative solutions to home cleaning, Kärcher combines the added benefit of heat and steam action to create machines that surpass any other out there. Quick heating and steam feature kills bacteria almost instantly. It also features a childproof safety lock whereby the steam will only be released if a separate lever is pushed. Hundreds of satisfied customers have given their testimony on the effectiveness and pleasure using Kärcher’s steam cleaners. Even on Kärcher’s Facebook page, many give positive feedback as to the ease in cleaning.

For those who love gardening, there’s the Kärcher spray gun and the multifunctional surface sprinkler to make a lovely combination to provide irrigation to your beloved garden. Watch your plant grow big and green with sufficient water everyday by placing a sprinkler in the middle of your garden and let it do the work. Hosing and other accessories also allow you to customise your gardening experience to suit your climate and garden space. With multiple rotations and sprinkler settings, you can choose the size and frequency of water droplets sprayed and also the area in which it covers.

Love cleaning more with iprice

The right tools can make any task fun. The same can be said of the innovative Kärcher brand. Just the thought of high-pressure spray guns, steam cleaners and water sprinklers should get you excited about cleaning and gardening. Today, you can fulfil the desire to get up and clean those nasty areas and maybe even get a garden going in the process.

With iprice, you can find the perfect Kärcher product for you. iprice – your one-stop shopping destination, brings you a selection of the famous black-yellow high-powered cleaning tools right to your fingertips. As far as online shopping goes, iprice is the perfect place to find valuable discounts and irresistible coupons for all kinds of products and services. Check out the line of home and work products that enhance your lifestyle and put a bit of colour in your life!