Kawasaki is one of the best and most popular motorcycle brands in the Philippines. All across the country, many use Kawasaki motorcycles for transportation, business, and a whole lot more. Besides motorcycles and parts, the Japanese brand also has various accessories that would make riding efficient, safe, and enjoyable. Find the best accessories from Kawasaki Philippines below or read more about must-have motorcycle accessories below.


Kawasaki Motorcycle Accessories that every Rider Must Have

Kawasaki motorcycles have become a preferred method for many Filipinos. It helps you get from one point to another without cramming yourself in public transport, easily avoid traffic, and are more affordable compared to owning a car. Whether in metropolitan or rural areas, motorcycles are used for transportation, commerce, and more. If you ride a motorcycle everyday, you would need motorcycle accessories that would make it safer and more efficient. From the makers of the best motorcycles out there, here are some motorcycle accessories that every rider should have from Kawasaki Philippines:


Perhaps the most important motorcycle accessory that every rider must own, helmets keep you safe while you’re on the road. In some parts of the Philippines, riding a motorbike without a helmet is punishable by a huge fine and community service. When choosing the right helmet, make sure that it’s made from sturdy materials such as polycarbonate, fiberglass composite, carbon fiber, and EPS or densely compressed foam as a shock absorber. If you can, buy two for you and your passenger. Kawasaki Philippines has a wide selection of motorcycle helmets to choose from.

Safety Gear

If you travel long distances on your motorbike, planning on a tour with a couple of your friends or racing, wearing the right safety gear is crucial. Along with a helmet, padded gloves, knee pads, elbow pads, as well as body armor are necessary for a safer ride. Make sure that your safety gear is comfortable and durable for maximum protection. Riding long distances or racing can be unpredictable, wearing the right safety gear can decrease the chances of fatal accidents.

Motorcycle Backpack

Another accessory that would prove helpful to your daily rides is motorcycle backpacks. What makes them different from your traditional backpacks is that they are streamlined for lesser drag and a smoother ride. Some motorcycle backpacks also have “shells” that provide additional protection. When choosing a motorcycle backpack, make sure that you have the right size and the appropriate padding so that you won’t get tired of carrying your essentials when you ride.

Pocket Tools

Picture this, your bike broke down on your way to work. You know exactly what you need to do but when you look for tools on your motorcycle storage, you didn’t bring any. Such a situation could have been avoided if you keep a few pocket tools in your bag or the storage. Kawasaki Philippines has a selection of motorbike tools and kits that would help you fix your bike in your garage or while on the road. Check out the hottest motorcycle accessories from Kawasaki Philippines!