KDK Philippines is cool - literally cooling because of its well know quality cooling fans. KDK brings us premium and quality Japanese cooling fans, industrial fans, ventilation fans, air curtains, and many more. You can check out their fantastic products below and read more about them here.


KDK Philippines - cooling over the generations

With summer just around the corner, cooling down is an utmost priority. Among the best ways to stay fresh during hot days is proper ventilation and with that comes KDK Philippines. Originating in Japan, KDK offers a wide range of electric fans and small home appliances that would help circulate fresh air in your home or in your office. From ceiling fans, wall fans, stand fans, and air dehumidifiers, you can find only the best from KDK Philippines.

About KDK Philippines

KDK is a Japanese brand that is owned and used by the international corporation of Panasonic to market all kinds of fans. KDK, which stands for Kawakita Denki Kigyosha - Japanese for "Kawakita Electric Company" - was a separate company that was registered in 1912. From the very beginning, KDK has always been primarily manufacturing all kinds electric fans, such as ceiling fans, ventilation fans, cooking range hoods, air curtains, dehumidifiers, and hand dryers. Many homes and premises all over the world has no doubt felt the cooling air from KDK fans.

Why choose KDK?

  • The brand has more than 100 years of industry experience and now a partner of electronics giant Panasonic to give you amazing home appliances.
  • KDK Philippines offers not only a wide range of products, but also ensures its safety and quality and gives consumers access to cutting-edge ventilation technology.
  • Among the many reasons why a lot of people are purchasing KDK is its affordable products. You can have instant fresh air without having to spend too much on costly electrical systems and ventilation.

Different ways to cool down with KDK

The best thing about KDK is that it answers all your cooling and ventilation problems with its great range of products to choose from. KDK ensures high-quality, and cutting-edge fans to ensure a fresh and cool environment for you and your family. From table fans to ceiling fans, you can trust only KDK.

Table fans

Like its moniker, table fans are great for small spaces because of its compact design. It is also easy to move and transport, perfect for travelling. If you are looking for a table fan, KDK has the KB-304 12-inch oscillating table fan that would definitely suit your lifestyle.

Stand fans

If you are looking for a fan that would fit large rooms then a stand fan, like the KDK KX405 16-inch stand fan, would certainly provide fresh and cool air to your home.

Wall-mount fans

For areas where cracking a window or the lack of it is not an option, then a window fan is just for you. What makes window fans great is that it keeps hot air out and cool air in. In addition, it takes less space compared to stand or table fans. If you are looking for a window fan, then a KDK 30AQM8 12-inch Ventilation Fan Wall mount would be perfect for your home.

Tower fans

If you want inexpensive yet high-tech cooling systems, then a tower fan is the type of fan you are looking for. Tower fans can save more space and are less likely to tip than traditional stand or table fans. What makes tower fans extra special is that it gives extra cooling power with integrated systems including ice and water compartments to give that mini air-conditioning feel which you can control. On top of that, tower fans are quiet and subtle, making it a great cooling system.

Ceiling fans

Perhaps one of the most common way of circulating fresh air, ceiling fans are a great option, especially the KDK K15Y2-CO 60-inch V Touch 5. With its subtle design, you can fit it with any of your home decor and save up on cooling and air conditioning. On top of that, you can also save up on space since it is attached on your ceiling without having to worry about falling or damage.

Buy KDK fans online

KDK Philippines has 100 different models of ceiling fans, general fans, ventilation fans, air curtains, and air moving equipment. With over 300 authorised dealerships in Philippines, everyone can experience the premium and high quality products that are of KDK Philippines's production. KDK cooling fans are not only high quality and premium in build, but they are also immensely affordable. The wide variety of products give everyone a choice of their fans, such as their cooling fans which come in many forms: Table fans, wall mounted fans, auto fans, and stand fans. KDK also produces industrial fans for factory cooling and ventilation as well as air curtains to keep insides of factories dust free. KDK is the right choice for those looking for effective and high quality fan and cooling solutions.

You can browse through KDK’s products here or widen your options with different electric fans from different brands including Elba, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Rubine and so much more!