When it comes to high quality & proven kitchen tools, Kenwood is very well known for being reliable and saving labour in food preparation. Kenwood products are versatile and easy to use. Prepare delicious and hearty meal with Kenwood!


Keeping Up With Kenwood Philippines

Proudly British, Kenwood is a global leader in manufacturing renowned and popular kitchen appliances in over 44 countries. Well known to most housewives and those who are working in the food industry, Kenwood is the popular household name that resonates well with core values of quality, reliability and precision. Cooking has never been so much fun & easier before with Kenwood Philippines.

Legacy Of Kenwood Philippines

Revolutionary at that time, Kenwood's first product, it was the first toast of its kind to be able to toast both sides of the bread. Kenneth Wood was the inventor of that pioneering toaster and founded Kenwood because he believed in liberating women in the kitchen by designing and producing labour saving kitchen products. Not only that, the Kenwood Chef, a redesigned mixer with various functions was very popular with American housewives when an advertisement revealed why American looked younger: simply because she used Kenwood Chef!

Never been the one to stay complacent, Kenwood has introduced the innovative function of electric speed control in its products so that users can now perform a variety of tasks and adjust the speed accordingly. In 2001, Kenwood eventually joined the De'longhi group and this heralded an era of unbridled expansion and opportunity. As of now, Kenwood has produced over 200 different products that have further revolutionise the home cooking methods and kitchen experience.

Cooking With Kenwood Philippines

For more than 60 years, Kenwood is still the top & leading brand in food preparation. You will never be left much to be desired when cooking and preparing food with Kenwood Philippines products. Throughout the years, Kenwood has won over 30 awards and this reflects Kenwood's efforts and passion in building specialised kitchen appliances that will save time and energy in preparing food. Kenwood's commitment in meticulous and well crafted designs will reward you with faithful & enduring kitchen tools that will serve you well.

Inspiring You With Delicious Dishes

Kenwood products are very versatile that you can be inspired with the confidence to create new dishes, recipes and new ways of cooking for all different events & occasions. Thanks to Kenwood, you will be astonished that there is always a lot of creative ideas & techniques to make your cooking experience to be fun & engaging. Every meal that you created with Kenwood kitchen tools will be always special & endearing affair that you will always cherished. Express your inner creativity & passion like never before as Kenwood products are designed to deliver the results that you wanted.

Passion In Making Better Recipe

The recipe of success for Kenwood kitchen tools can be seen in Kenwood's philosophy of "working outside of the obvious". This means that Kenwood loves to explore every possibilities and ways that can make your experience in using Kenwood products to be totally unique & fun. That is what truly separates Kenwood kitchen tools than other brands. Practice makes perfect in the arena of cooking and you will appreciate that your cooking experience will be enhanced with lots of options and tools that Kenwood has to offer.

Timeless Designs That Will Last Forever

Endurance and durability of Kenwood kitchen tools have earned the loyalties of millions of cooks around the world. Kenwood kitchen tools are built to last and they can withstand adverse conditions that will easily damage a normal machine. Their faithful efficiency will enable you to enjoy their long-lasting uses over the years. They will be part of your family life as they give you rewarding & enjoyable cooking experience. Kenwood kitchen tools are designed with extreme ease of use, ergonomics and endurance as well as ecologically meaningful and driven efficiencies.

Top Kenwood Philippines Products

Kenwood MX313 Patissier Kitchen Machine

This Kenwood product has 6 speed electronic slide control for you to adjust the mixing power accordingly. It also comes with 3 bowls to help you to bake everything from breads to cakes. Powered by 400W motor, this product will ensure you to have your mixture to be perfectly consistent and nothing is left behind. This lovely design will let you bake in style and become part of your kitchen decoration as well.

Kenwood KMIX Espresso Coffee Maker

Your perfect coffee brew can now be easily achieved with the combination of ThermoGen™ heating technology and OptiTemp™ found in this Kenwood KMIX Espresso Coffee Maker. Both of these amazing technologies allow this product to maintain perfect brewing temperature for your coffee to be fresh & full of flavours. With this machine, you no longer need to buy separate paper filters as this coffee maker machine has its own swing-out filter that makes it easier to clean. This smart product is able to tell you when to descale the coffee machine so that your coffee machine can perform and last longer.

Kenwood Classic Chef Food Processor

More than just a mixer, Kenwood Classic Chef Food Processor is your ultimate kitchen tool as it has 20 extra attachments that will help you to prepare cakes, biscuits, breads, pies, pastries and more. Its 800W motor is reliable and lives up to its expectations as you are able to precisely control its speed without much fuss. Those that appreciate versatility, usability, functionality, durability & style will love this Kenwood Classic Chef Food Processor. You now have extra pair of hands as this product pleasantly surprises you with its performance and precision.

Enjoy Your Kitchen Experience With Kenwood Philippines

Kenwood Philippines wants to enrich your cooking & kitchen experience by offering Kenwood Kitchen application, recipe books & cards that will allow you to discover creative & novel ways to prepare new dishes & meals. Kenwood Kitchen & Dining products definitely will reward you with unbridled passion in cooking and serving hearty meals to your closed ones. Enjoy your adventure & experience in kitchen with Kenwood Philippines!