Aside from being a fashionable garment, hoodies are also a great way to keep warm during colder seasons. Suit your kids up for a rainy day with the best hoodies from the biggest brands in the Philippines or read more about the best hoodie fabrics to choose for your kid's hoodies below.

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The Best Fabrics for your Kid's Hoodies

The Philippines can have unpredictable weather conditions that can go from sunny to rainy in a snap. To keep them warm during colder seasons, a hoodie would be a great garment to wear. The best thing about a hoodie is that it's not too thick nor too thin; which makes it great for tropical climates such as in the Philippines.

Hoodies are also fashionable and would make great accents to your kid's clothing. Aside from its design, another aspect that you should look into when selecting a hoodie for your child is the type of fabric that it's made of. Below are some of the best fabric for hoodies that you can buy for your kids.


Considered as one of the most popular fabric for hoodies, fleece is fabric derived from sheep, however, there is also polar fleece which is a man-made polyester fiber. The best thing about fleece is that it is easy to clean and is also great for insulating warmth during colder weather, especially during rainy seasons. It is also soft and comfortable when worn.

Nylon and Nylon Blends

With the Philippines' unpredictable weather, nylon and nylon blends are great for repelling water. These man-made fabrics have a smooth texture and are durable. Like fleece, it is also easy to clean and comfortable to wear.

Brushed Cotton

Considered as one of the softest fabric texture, brushed cotton is more on the expensive side of the spectrum. This fabric is made from brushed flannel which can be made from wool, synthetic fibers or in this case, cotton. Brushed cotton hoodies are great insulators of heat, making them a choice for the cold season.

Heavy Fleece and Wool Blends

If you are travelling overseas to colder climates or situated in colder regions of the country, heavy fleece and wool blends would be a great way to keep warm. This type of fabric offer superior warmth and are thick; so thick in fact that it can be worn during moderate snowfall.

Cotton and Cotton Blends

Perhaps the most popular type of fabric for kid's hoodies in the Philippines, cotton and cotton blends are comfortable threads often mixed with synthetic fibers such as polyester. What makes them a choice for many shoppers is, not only does it keep your body warm, it also repels water thanks to man-made fibers such as polyester.

There are other types of fabric available such as knit for cardigans and other types of outerwear as well as synthetic fibers such as polyester. If you are looking for the best brands in kid's hoodies, check out Mossimo, Billabong, Hurley, Rip Curl, and so much more at iPrice!