There is a chance that your child might have sensory sensitivity and if they do have this condition, it might be hard to choose the right clothing, especially skirts. You can read about what sensory sensitivity is and how to choose the appropriate skirts below.

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Choosing Kids Skirts for Children with Sensory Sensitivity

What’s Sensory Sensitivity?

In a nutshell, children with sensory sensitivity refer to how aware they are in regard to each of their sensory channels: sound, sight, smell, taste, touch, and pain. Different children have varying degrees of sensory sensitivity and their bodies will have different reactions and responses.

In this case, children with sensory sensitivity that affects their skin will sometimes have a hard time getting dressed and picking out the right clothing. Since sensory sensitivity can be spread throughout the body, it is especially worrying if your child has a reaction around their private areas. Items like pants, skirts, and undergarments must be picked out with extreme care.

Choosing a pair of skirts when your child has sensory sensitivity can often be a struggle. Therefore, there are a few ways that you can ensure comfortability when choosing skirts for the kids.

Choose Fabrics Carefully

Since skirts offer more room for the skin to breathe, parents sometimes have the freedom of picking skirts with any materials, depending on the needs of the child. Skirts made out of soft cotton, silk, and satin are great for children with sensory sensitivity. Pick skirts that are tagless or remove them completely to avoid an undesired reaction.

Find a Good Laundry Detergent

To wash your children’s skirts, look for laundry detergents that contain no scent, no fabric softener, no dyes, and non-itch or nonirritating ingredients. When drying the skirts, avoid using dryer sheets. These chemicals can often be found in laundry detergents and some clothing materials.

Utilize Colors and Shapes

For children with visual sensitivity, pick the colors and patterns carefully. Some children might prefer bright colors for their skirts like pink, yellow, green, or blue, while others prefer monochromatic colors. Patterns that are considered heavy on the eyes like polka dots and stripes can also trigger their visual sensitivity. However, bright colors can improve the mood of your child so they will have their mind occupied with something other than their condition.

Trial and Error

When it comes to having sensory sensitivity, one can never be sure what type of skirts to get for their children. Different children will react differently to specific types of skirts so it is best to just keep trying to find the perfect clothing solution. Another way to find a solution is to involve your child when shopping for skirts. Let them pick the skirts that are guaranteed to be comfortable for them to wear.

Now that you know what to consider when buying skirts for your kid, you can start shopping with no worries! Skirts for children with discounted and affordable prices are available here on iPrice. Shop for other kids clothing items like dresses and sweaters on the site, as well.