Delivering the ultimate audio experience, Klipsch Philippines will transform the way you listen and enjoy music. Experience the finest Klipsch speakers, subwoofers and more to know more!


Ultimate Sound Experience With Klipsch Philippines

Klipsch Philippines wants you to experience and embrace the stunningly precise acoustics so that you do not lose and miss even the subtlest sound details of a great music. Being one of the first American loudspeaker companies, Klipsch proudly produces complete loudspeakers for high fidelity sound systems, public address applications, personal computers and high end specialty. In addition, Klipsch also manufactures loudspeaker drivers and enclosures which are crucial and important component parts of loudspeakers. Thanks to its decades of manufacturing and design experience, Klipsch products are very popular worldwide because they always deliver their promise of providing impressive and impactful reproduction of sound without any sacrifice and compromise.

Awesome History Of Klipsch

Founded as early as 1946 in Hope, Arkansas as "Klipsch & Associates", Paul Wilbur Klipsch was its legendary founder as well as being regarded as an audio genius. In fact, Paul Klipsch was a relentless perfectionist who pioneered the high fidelity or (Hi-Fi) movement through his own incredible creation, the Klipschorn. When Klipschorn was launched, it was the proud flagship product of Klipsch because it was an incredible engineering breakthrough as it remained one of the most highly praised loudspeakers in the world and has been in continuous production for over 65 years. As Paul was designing a loudspeaker that can reproduce the excitement and dynamics of a live orchestra performance in his living room, the Klipschorn did exactly what it was asked to do. Needless to say, the legendary Klipschorn was the cornerstone of Klipsch's successes.

Meet The Mind Behind Klipsch Philippines

One of the most celebrated audio pioneers, Paul Klipsch was both a maverick and madman that loved music passionately. With his goal of bringing live music into his living room, he introduced a highly efficient folded horn loudspeaker that later became the driving force and catalyst of legendary Klipsch products. It was his passion that gave rise to innovative speaker technologies and made an impact on generations of music lovers forever. Given his contributions that helped to kickstart the audio industry, Paul was also the proud member of the engineering and science hall of fame.

How Klipsch Philippines Changes The Way You Listen

The visionary Paul Klipsch has been laboring to create a more lifelike speaker by using proven scientific principles as he was frustrated and unsatisfied with the sound quality of early speaker systems and other similar devices. In 1938, Paul experimented with the idea that horn speakers were more efficient and produced better sounds in a corner. The fruits of his experiment later led him to build a crude prototype of Klipschorn and he eventually received the patent of its design in 1945. This revolutionary horn loaded design technology would be setting the benchmark for high sensitivity, wide dynamic range, smooth frequency response, powerful bass and low distortion in the audio industry. Adapting from this amazing technology, Paul Klipsch believed that the design of every new Klipsch speaker must be driven by these following principles:

High Efficiency
Klipsch incorporates the horn-loaded technology in each of its speaker categories (excluding subwoofers and headphones) because the horn shape produces accurate and dynamic sound transmission. In fact, any speaker should possess this level of accuracy in reproduction of sound and Klipsch is proud to announce that its products offer superior performance compared to other products in the market.
Low Distortion
The impressive Klipsch horn technology is able to reproduce the softest sounds with remarkable clarity and detail and the loudest sound with no distortion and harshness. This is what we called as accurate and authentic reproduction of sound and only Klipsch can deliver this awesome reproduction of sounds.
Controlled Directivity Directivity
The Klipsch horn technology also assists in accurately directing sound which leads to a more lifelike and natural soundstage. As a result, you can embrace and immerse in such rich audio experience that keeps you captivated.
Flat Frequency Response
Klipsch speakers are stunningly accurate as they deliver no unnatural highs, mids or lows, just as the artist intended. That is extremely important because the last thing that you probably want is weird sound that will ruin your experience.
There are many cool facts behind Klipsch and its larger-than-life founder. Did you know that Paul Klipsch built the legendary Klipschorn by hand in a humble tin shed? Not only that, he continued making every loudspeaker with his own hands until he hired his first employee two years later.

Finest Klipsch Philippines Products

From Klipsch speakers to headphones, there is nothing that Klipsch cannot do in terms of providing the solid and superior performance. You are about to witness the finest Klipsch products that blow your mind and ears to another level of sensory experience.

Klipsch KMC 1 Portable Wireless Music System

Solidly built yet portable, Klipsch KMC 1 Portable Wireless Music System enables you to take it anywhere you want. The front row center sound will surprise you with its impactful performance. This Klipsch product also allows you to stream music easily from any Bluetooth wireless technology equipped devices (smartphones, computer or music devices). In addition, you can also answer, converse, terminate or even ignore phone calls from that same smartphone as well as automatically pausing your music in the process. Klipsch KMC 1 is also elegantly designed with sophisticated soft-feel paint, high-gloss metallic accents and sleek touch-sensitive controls.

Klipsch GiG Portable Wireless Music System

Imagine inserting the premium quality loudspeaker into the smallest Klipsch body available and you will get Klipsch GiG Portable Wireless Music System. Although small enough to fit into a briefcase, backpack or even the palm of your hand, Klipsch GiG Portable Wireless Music System is truly astonishing and impressive with its full-range sound system. Its Dual 1” full range drivers are complimented with balanced, dual 2” passive radiators for rich, musical bass. Klipsch GiG boasts lifelike, dynamic sound at any volume level with its advanced DSP equalization.

Klipsch Status Over-Ear Headphones

Packing over six decades of technology and acoustic prowess, the Klipsch Status Over-Ear Headphones is a wonderfully designed headphones that you truly deserve. Built from the durable grilamid TR material and being clothed with fine leather accents for unsurpassed comfort, this Klipsch exudes sophitiscation of both luxury and fashion. Not only that, this Klipsch headphones comes with gloss finish with subtle reflective highlight that transforms it into a magnificent piece.

Klipsch R6 In-Ear Headphones

You will be pleased to discover that Klipsch R6 In-Ear Headphones contains the same advanced acoustic engineering and industrial design from the legendary Klipsch Reference home theater speakers. It comes with its own carrying case, clothing clip and four pairs of ear tips. Utilising the patented contour ear tips that are anatomically designed to accurately fit inside the human ear canal, the Klipsch R6 is comfortable to wear as well as reducing ear fatigue. In addition, these ear tips are also act as an amazing seal for excellent noise isolation and bass response. Ever handy, this Klipsch R6 boasts flat, tangle-resistant cable for enhanced and tough cabling for hassle free storage and transport.

Blast Your Way With Klipsch Philippines

Dedicated to maximise efficiency and performance of the audio systems, Klipsch Philippines presents its vast range of products that are designed to provide life-like and natural sound that you can enjoy and immerse in it. You cannot go wrong with Klipsch audio products when it comes to ultimate sound experience! Feel the power and authenticity of sound with Klipsch Philippines!