American technology company, Kodak, offers printing system, inkjet systems, 3D printing, and film products. Aside from using a Kodak camera, know some helpful tips to step up your picture-taking game by reading the article below.

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9 Essential Picture-Taking Tips with Kodak Philippines

If you want to step up your photography game, it just takes a little expertise and experience. Before you grab your camera and start snapping photos, here are important picture-taking tips to keep in mind.

Capture that Eye Level Angle

When taking a photo of your subject, make sure that you hold your Kodak camera at the person’s eye level to capture those gazes and smiles. For children, on the other hand, that means you need to stoop to their eye level. All in all, getting that eye level angle will make your photos engaging, creating a welcoming feeling that pulls you into the picture.

Avoid Using Distracting Backgrounds

A distracting background won’t help accentuate your subject’s feature. That’s why many photographers prefer a plain background that will show off the subject more. However, if the need arises, make sure you look through the camera viewfinder and study the surrounding area of your subject. If there are objects around your subject such as cars, then look for another spot that is free from distractions.

Turn the Flash on During Sunny Days

During sunny days, the sun can create unappealing deep shadows. To get rid of them, use the flash on your camera to brighten your subject’s facial features. Choosing between fill flash mode or full-power mode depends on the distance of your subject. If the subject is less than five feet away, you can use the fill-flash mode; otherwise, use the full-power mode. After taking photos, you can use the picture display panel on your digital camera to assess the results.

Get a bit close to your subject

If your subject is tiny and appears to be smaller than a car, then you need to move a bit closer before zooming in on your subject and snapping photos. Most of the time your goal is to make your subject fill in the picture area to reveal essential details like facial features. However, it’s also important that you shouldn’t get too close to your subject, as it may result in blurry photos. For most cameras, the closest focusing distance is around three feet or one step away from your camera.

Move the subject away from the middle of the picture

Placing your subject in the center does look like the ideal angle for taking photos but actually, it’s not the recommended placement. The right position of your subject should be based on your camera’s viewfinder. As you can see in your viewfinder, there are intersecting lines where you can place your subjects. Also, don’t forget to lock the focus if your camera has an auto-focus feature since the camera will just aim at whatever is in the center of the viewfinder.

Lock the Focus

If you see that your subject is not in the center of the picture, make sure to lock the focus to come up with a sharp image. Autofocus cameras like those from Kodak Philippines typically aim at whatever is in the center of the picture. To help improve the images, you can move the subject away from the center of the picture. If you don’t want your pictures to appear blurry, ensure that you lock the focus first with the subject in the middle. Then, recreate the picture so the subject is away from the middle.

Typically, you can lock the focus by first centering the subject and pressing and holding the shutter button halfway down. Next, move your camera while holding the shutter button in order for the subject to be away from the center. Lastly, push the shutter button all the way down before taking the picture.

Determine the Flash’s Range

One of the most common mistakes is taking pictures beyond the maximum flash range. This is because images taken beyond the maximum range will appear very dark. For Kodak cameras, the maximum flash range is about fifteen feet away. If you’re not sure about your camera’s flash range, check the camera manual. Otherwise, you may position your subjects no farther than ten feet away from you. In addition, if you’re using a Kodak camera, you can extend the flash range by using its versatility plus feature.

Light Up Your Pictures

The second most important aspect of every picture is the light. It significantly contributes to the overall appearance of your image. If your subject has wrinkles, bright sunlight can greatly enhance them; whereas, soft light can suppress those same wrinkles. It’s best to take pictures early or late in the day when the light appears to have an orange hue across the land.

Take a Vertical Picture

Some things look better in a vertical picture, say a tall skyscraper or a lighthouse. To take a vertical picture, just turn your camera sideways.

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