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From the makers of Dolly Wink cosmetics, Koji Philippines brings you a selection of products that would bring out your inner kawaii! Focusing on eye products, Koji takes your eye game to another level with their selection of false eyelashes, eyeliner, mascara, shadows and so much more! Check out our selection of Dolly Wink products by Koji below or read more about Koji and Dolly Wink here.

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Koji Curving Eyelash Curler 1 pc
₱ 955.00 ₱ 1,193.00

Brand from Japan: Koji. It is an eyelash curler of a carving frame design that measured the shape of a Japanese female eyelid and pursued a more fitting form. Arcuate carving frame spreads eyelashes radially and finishes curved curl upward one by one. Arcuate Curve: Capture the root of the whole lashes at once and powerfully raise them. Flat Edge: The pillar does not strike and the frame sticks to the eyelid. Excellent Fit Strength: Frame to fit rounded eyelid. Wide Size: Also catch the eyelash lashes firmly. Special Rubber: Easily check the position where the frame is hit by two lines in the middle of rubber. With special case to protect against distortion, dirt, scratches. With replacement rubber. How to use: While looking directly in front, keep your eyes open, lightly hit the eyelash curler, and align the position of the eye line curve of the frame line with the eye line curve of the frame line. When the eyelash curler is pressed lightly, the eyelid naturally lifts up, the frame line and the eyelid's wrinkle fit and catches the base of the eyelash firmly. You may squeeze the eyelids if you press it strongly. Raise the base of the eyelash firmly and hold it three to four times while shifting towards the end of the hair to finish in a natural and beautiful curved curl. Keep it in a special case after use. When an excessive force is added to the product, the frame etc may be deformed.

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Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner (Dark Brown) 1 pc
₱ 809.00 ₱ 851.00

Brand from Japan: Koji. Liquid eyeliner with ultra fine writing type with elasticity. Deep black which is excellent in quick-drying property and is difficult to bleed. 4 types of moisturizing beauty care ingredients formulated, Honey extract, hyaluronic acid, chamomile flower extract, grape leaf extract. Dark brown that can draw natural lines with ultra fine brush with elasticity. Excellent resistance to water in close contact with the skin with excellent water resistance, it is strong against rubbing. Keep it strong against sweat, water, tears and other blemishes all day. Natural dark brown drawn fresh coloring lasts, dark brown finished in the eyes of a gentle impression. Easy off with hot water. Film prescription that can be dropped with hot water. How to use: At the beginning we draw to fill the gap of eyelash with a pencil eyeliner (sister item). Draw a line thinly over the entire wrinkle of the upper eyelid from the inner corner. At this time, if your line is too fat, your eyes will look small, so be careful. Draw the corners of the eyes as if they spread out about 2 to 3 mm more than the eye width. When you want to make it even more clear, it will make a perfect impression if you draw from the top of the pencil eye liner on the outside corner of the lower eyelid. If you are going to use for the first time or if you keep it with the brush tip up, the color may become thinner. Keep using the cap with the brush tip down and leave it for a while before using it.

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Top Koji Price List 2018

Top 10 products Price Store
Koji Curving Eyelash Curler 1 pc ₱ 955.00 YesStyle
Koji Nailist Nail Art Seat No.03 1 set ₱ 565.00 YesStyle
Koji Dolly Wink Volume Mascara (Black) 8g ₱ 1,022.00 YesStyle
Koji Lash Specialist Micro Volume Mascara 1 pc ₱ 908.00 YesStyle
Koji Dolly Wink Eye Shadow (#02 Gray Pink) 1 pc ₱ 1,365.00 YesStyle
Koji Linequeen Eyebrow Mascara SB (Soft Brown) 7g ₱ 679.00 YesStyle
Koji Dolly Wink Eyebrow Mascara (#01 Milk Tea) 1 pc ₱ 715.00 YesStyle
Koji Spring Heart Eyeshadow (#04 Honey) 1 pc ₱ 508.00 YesStyle
Koji Dolly Wink Cream Eye Shadow (#01 Gold) 1 pc ₱ 1,079.00 YesStyle
Koji Dolly Wink Hand Cream (Strawberry & Tropical) 40g ₱ 794.00 YesStyle
Most Popular
-20% Koji Curving Eyelash Curler 1 pc

Available in YesStyle ₱ 1,193.00 ₱ 955.00 Go to Shop

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Koji Philippines - the Driving Force Behind Japan’s Kawaii Culture

In terms of beauty and cosmetics, Japan has some of the most amazing, often borderline unusual makeup products. Among the most popular makeup styles that you see within the streets of Tokyo is the kawaii makeup. The term “kawaii” directly translates to “cute”, making the face look more innocent, with doll-like features such as big eyes, flawless and pale skin, and cute lips. Popularized by Japanese idols like Kyaru Pamyu Pamyu, the Kawaii culture is more popular, not only in Japan but the rest of the world. Koji Philippines helps you achieve this fabulous look with their cutesy array of eye products to give you doll-like eyes!

About Koji Philippines

A prime mover in the Kawaii culture of Japan, Koji or otherwise known as Koji Honpo, is the company behind Dolly Wink. Professionals and makeup lovers all know that Dolly Wink is one of the best brands when it comes to lashes and eye cosmetics. Established in 1927 by Koji Kobayashi, the company initially manufactured headdresses and hair ornaments for women. In 1947, Koji released their iconic eyelash line called Tsuke-Matsuge which literally means “false eyelashes”. From there, Koji became one of the forefathers of Kawaii culture, creating various products (aside from cute falsies) that highlight the eyes. Eyeliners, eye tape, eyebrow pencils, mascaras, and makeup brushes are also available from Koji under several brands such as Dolly Wink, Eye Talk, Spring Heart, Line Queen, and so much more!

From the producers of Dolly Wink

If you are into makeup and you have never heard about Dolly Wink, then you are missing out! Dolly Wink has everything you need to enhance the look of your eyes, especially if you are wearing circle lenses. Dolly Wink is popular amongst Kawaii Gyaru style that emphasizes your eyes and gives it more definition. Dolly Wink was first created by Gyaru idol, model, and singer Tsubasa Masukawa in collaboration with Koji to create an entire line of products that specializes in Kawaii fashion and style.

How to accentuate your eyes with Koji and Dolly Wink products

Dolly Wink is Koji’s most popular brand, known not only in Japan but the rest of the world. Now that Japanese fashion and makeup trends are reaching the West through the Internet, you don’t want to miss out on these awesome products from Dolly Wink by Koji!

Eye tape

While it may be unusual for some but in Japan, Korea, and China, eye tapes are popular. Eyetapes are used to make the eyes look bigger by gluing or putting tape on your eyelids, creating a double lid. It may sound intimidating but this makeup product is safe; in fact, a lot of men and women use eye tapes to make their eyes look bigger. Before applying products on your lid, you can apply an eye tape like the Koji Eyetalk eyelid glue and eye tape. Resistant against sweat and moisture, this eye tape guarantees to stay on your lid.


Compared to the West, the eyeshadow is kept to a minimum, with sheer finish, and often in nude and neutral colors. Eyeshadows like the Koji Spring Heart Brown Eyeshadow almost looks like a contour shade or a transition color, keeping it natural and less dramatic.


In Asian makeup, the eyeliner is kept to a minimum but is still used to define the eyes. Instead of going for a dramatic winged eyeliner, you can use a Dollywink Liquid eyeliner II in deep black to outline your eyes and point the tip downward to create a puppy-like look. You can also do a little cat’s eye but keep the lines slim.


Eyelashes are another way of accentuating the eyes, giving it a dolly-like feature through sectioned false lashes. Aside from that, eyelashes from Koji works better if you are wearing circle lenses that would make your eyes look bigger and more defined. If you are a big fan of Dollywink and all their products, then you must own at least a pair of faux eyelashes from the brand.


To cap off your kawaii eye look, the brows are shaped in a thick medium arch often the same color as the hair or something lighter than their natural color. This shape gives you a more innocent, doll-like look. You can shape your brows using the DollywinkKoji eyebrow Pencil number 1 which comes in several shades from honey brown to dark chocolat.

Shop for the hottest cosmetics from Koji Philippines!

Koji Philippines is one of the biggest cosmetic companies in Japan and their products are now available in Philippines and other southeast Asian countries! Since 1927, the company has been manufacturing beauty products and cosmetics that would suit your needs. Among their best brands is Dolly Wink which features Gyaru kawaii style makeup, focusing on the eyes. Check out the hottest items from Koji and Dollywink here at iprice!