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Kracie Hadabisei 3D Aging Moisturizing Facial Mask 4 pcs at 658.00 PHP from YesStyle
Kracie Hadabisei 3D Aging Moisturizing Facial Mask 4 pcs
₱ 658.00 ₱ 693.00
Brand from Japan: Kracie. Three dimensional anti-aging moisurizing facial mask fit on your facial curve well. It even fits sides of nose and wrapsthe entire face gently. So essence absorbs into skin effectively. Skincare milky essence penetrates into skin, leaving it translucent and soft. Nano-size particles in the essence can reach every inch of your face without any greasy feeling. Also contains Fruit acid (Lemon extract) to soften kelatin, so moisture is absorbed into skin more effetively. How to Use: After washing your face, condition skin with a lotion. Unfold the facial mask and fit around eyes, nose, mouth, and chin. Press out air when applying from nose to cheeks. Be careful not to press too hard, essence may drip. Leave it for 5-15 minutes (For dry skin, about 20 minutes) and then remove the mask. Massage remaining essence into skin with palms. Pack Size - 4 pcs
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Kracie Hadabisei Tightening Moisturizing Facial Mask 4 pcs at 611.00 PHP from YesStyle
Kracie Hadabisei Tightening Moisturizing Facial Mask 4 pcs
₱ 611.00 ₱ 643.00
Brand from Japan: Kracie. Soaked with 18ml of the beauty essence that works effectively to repair enlarged pores and nourish skin. Use it to prep skin for easier application of makeup and better makeup finish. It delivers the following benefits: Black mask sheet. Charcoal is contained to provide pore care. It also enables packing effect for better permeation of the beauty essence. Natural minerals. Enriched with various minerals derived from Okinawa Hot Spring, it is effective in firming skin. As it retains moisture content of skin, it helps maintain supple and elastic skin. How to Use: After cleansing and toning. Unfold a mask a put it on your face. Leave on for 5-15 minutes. Peel off the mask and massage the remaining essence into skin. Use once to twice a week. Pack Size - 4 pcs
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