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Kyocera Philippines – the finest printing and more!

The Japanese are renowned for their precision when it comes to electronics. Kyocera is no exception to that fact. Kyocera, the company more commonly associated with printing goods and electronics, is today a multinational company that expands to the rest of the world. In Philippines, if you mentioned “Kyocera” people immediately think of printers and printing services. But did you know this company also makes kitchenware and mobile phones? It’s true. Today, you too can get it all with Kyocera Philippines. Shop online at Kyocera Philippines to get all your printing, kitchen needs, and mobile phones delivered to your doorstep. Browse the products above or follow the links below to find out more.

History of Kyocera

The history of Kyocera started in 1959 with a company that made ceramics. It was formerly called Kyocera Ceramic Co., Ltd. Founded by a man named Kazuo Inamori, the company first had 28 workers but later grew to epic proportions. Over time, Kyocera’s advancement in ceramics led to the manufacturing of audio hardware such as turntables and cassettes in the 80’s. Later on, Kyocera’s specialization was in the market of printers and other electronics. In 1983, Yashica Co., Ltd. merges with Kyocera and in 1987, Kyocera Electronics Inc. is established in USA. In more recent years, Kyocera focuses on creating environmentally-friendly electronics and homeware for sustainability.

Kyocera Product Lines

Kyocera Printers

When you mention the name ‘Kyocera’ to anyone, the first thing that comes to their mind would be printers. Kyocera printers are known both for commercial and home use. Whether in office or for personal, Kyocera has a printer line for all your printing needs. Check out Kyocera printers or look at some Kyocera printers that are top-of-the-line below.

Kyocera FS-2100DN

Designed for monochromatic printing, the FS-2100DN sets the standard for office use. Remote network management, 40ppm speed, 1,200dpi resolution and low running costs are all part of this printer’s attractive points. Mono LCD heads up also allows for easy access to your printing preferences. You can also print via USB as there is a slot at the front of the printer. With the ability to print up to 40 pages per minute, performance is definitely a plus point.

Kyocera Ecosys M3040DN

This multi-function printer comes with colour-scan features and, like the FS-2100, it boasts up to 40 pages per minute printing both monochrome and colour. With 6 input trays and a significantly low consumption, this machine is suitable for large and medium offices. Other features include continuous scan, scan to email and so on. Compatible with both Windows and Mac Operating systems, the M3040 is a suitable choice for everyone.

Kyocera FS-1060DN

For a cheaper option, you could also get the Kyocera FS-1060DN single-function printer. Although this printer prints a maximum of 25 sheets per minute, the basic qualities of a printer are present. The FS-1060DN features monochrome printing at a max of 1200dpi with duplex and network capabilities.

Kyocera Mobile Phones

Little known for their mobile phones, Kyocera make these handy cell phones to be durable and military grade. Each handset comes with GPS and Bluetooth capabilities that come in handy when outdoors. Keeping with the classic flip-phone designs, Kyocera mobile phones are small-sized and easy to bring around wherever you go. Here are some Kyocera phones you can get your hands on:

  • Sprint Kyocera E4277 DuraXT Military Standard Flip Phone
  • Kyocera Brio Prepaid Phone by Virgin Mobile

Kyocera Kitchen Utensils

Yes! Kitchen utensils. That’s another product line from Kyocera. Specializing in knives, Kyocera has 4 different series of knives; KYOTOP series, ergonomic type, Legend series and LTD series. KYOTOP series knives are a range of general kitchen knives like:

  • KT-075-HIP-D Paring Knife (3.0" Blade)
  • KT-130-HIP-D Slicing Knife (5.0" Blade)
  • KT-200-HIP D Sashimi Knife (8.25" Blade)
  • KT-110-HIP-D Utility Knife (4.5" Blade)

Legend series knives

  • FK-075 BK Paring Knife (3.0" Blade)
  • FK-110 WH Utility Knife (4.5" Blade)
  • FK-125N WH Micro Serrated Utility Knife (5.0" Blade)
  • FK-150N WH Nakiri Knife (6.0" Blade)
  • FK-180 BK Professional Chef’s Knife (7.0" Blade)

LTD series knives

  • LTD-130 BK
  • LTD-140 BK
  • LTD-161N BK
  • LTD-180 BK

Other Kyocera Kitchen Tools

  • Ceramic blade peeler
  • Double-edged Mandoline slicer
  • Wide Julienne Slicer
  • Ceramic Planer
  • Knife sharpeners
  • Coffee grinders
  • Scissors
  • Cutting boards

Kyocera also produces a line of stationary for home and office use. Made from the same quality grade materials as those of printers and other Kyocera products, Kyocera stationery is up to standard with Japanese technology. Find kitchen utensils and stationery with Kyocera home & living products.

There used to be a time when we could only purchase Kyocera by going in to the store to buy it. Today, with the advantage of online shopping, we can purchase all our Kyocera needs online. Simply browse the products on iprice, choose the one that best suits you, proceed to the website and checkout. As simple as 1, 2, 3. Get online and shop for your favour products today! Happy shopping!