Kyt offers some of the best motorcycle helmets in the Philippines, along with top-notch brands like Spyder, Evo, Arai, and AGV. Browse the latest Kyt motorcycle gear, or find out more about Kyt helmets below.

Where are KYT helmets made?

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The Different Types of KYT Helmet in the Philippines

KYT Full Face Helmets

Full face helmets from KYT Philippines enclose the rider’s head. They come with a face shield that protects the nose and eyes, as well as a chin bar, an extension of the shell, that covers the bottom of your face. Note that full-face helmets are the least ventilated, but they are the most protective against the elements and potential impacts. They are also the quietest type of helmet available. Opt for a KYT full-face helmet if you aspire to take your gear to the track.

KYT Off-Road Helmets

KYT off-road helmets are made exclusively for off-road riding. What’s great about these helmets is that they feature plenty of airflow, with a large peak to keep roost out of the rider’s eyes. They’re better worn with goggles. KYT dirt helmets are lightweight, although they lack face shields and other comforts. If you are going to be riding on the street, it’s best to look for something else, as dirt helmets are designed for off-road riding.

Before choosing a helmet, be sure to get the basics of riding gear. This will help you get on to the accessories easily. Motorcycle accessories range from bike apparel to headwear and gloves. In the Philippines, you have plenty of choices for modifications on a bike. Unfortunately, not all motorcycle modifications add performance value. Some are just for aesthetic purposes. Some accessories you can start with include exhaust heat-barriers, side and front reflectors, action cameras (to keep a record of each event during riding), and phone holders. Couple all these with the basics of motorcycle gear and you’re ready for a memorable ride.

Where are KYT helmets made?

KYT is an Indonesian brand of motorcycle helmets that got featured in MotoGP 2018. This brand was born as a "Racing Idea Project" inspired by its founder Mr Eddy Tedjakusuma. Since 1980, he has been able to successfully create PT TARA Group - one of the biggest helmet production manufacturers in the world today.