La Germania offers some of the best appliances in the Philippines at reasonable prices. La Germania stove, La Germania gas range, La Germania oven, La Germania electric oven, La Germania cooktop, La Germania induction cooker are sought-after for their impressive specifications and features. Browse the latest La Germania products, or find out more about La Germania Philippines below!


La Germania Philippines FAQs: La Germania Gas Range, Best Gas Range Oven Philippines Availability, and More!

Is Bertazzoni a good brand?

Stoves from Bertazzoni stove are a worthy option, as they come with dual fuel and induction features, although some users had issues with their gas ovens. You may also want to consider cookers from La Germania Americana series as they are equipped with impressive specifications.

What is the best gas range in the Philippines?

La Germania AM95C 61AX Range

This gas stove uses two sources of energy - natural gas and propane, which are affordable. Using this gas stove, in the long run, will save you money. At the same, you can quickly heat foods by easily adjusting the dials. It's one of the easiest types of gas ranges, as you can easily control the temperature. Plus, the temperature control is quite straightforward - high means high flame, while low means low flame.

La Germania Built-in-Hob PF302IS

This gas stove provides easy heat adjustment and instant heating. So if you are particular with various heat settings to cook your food, then this gas stove from La Germania is all you need. On top of that, less heat is wasted since the heat turns off when you take the pot off the surface. It turns on when you place the pot on top. It’s one of the safest gas stoves as it poses less burning hazards due to its surface that remains cooler compared to smooth tops and ceramic smooth tops.

La Germania Electric Stove and Convection Oven

This is one of the most versatile electric stoves from La Germania Philippines. It comes with convection that will help you prepare exquisite dishes for the family. This will also help you grill, cook, bake, and broil. On top of that, its 2-in-1 design enables you to prepare food with ease. Not to mention, its stainless steel finish and sophisticated look make it a prized possession in the kitchen.