One of the best brands when it comes to bags and small leather items, Lacoste Philippines has a reputation for providing excellent quality pieces. When it comes to tote bags, the brand has some of the best collections in store for you. You can check out available Lacoste tote bags below or click here to know which tote bag fits your needs.


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From its iconic crocodile logo to its polo shirts, Lacoste Philippines has some of the best tote bags online. The brand was first established in 1933 by Rene Lacoste and Andre Gillier in France. Andre owned the one of the largest knit-wear manufacturers in the country, and with Rene, they began producing tennis shirts with their iconic logo embroided on the chest area. This kickstarted the brand to expand to other ventures and markets, creating some of the best “preppy” fashion from the 60’s to the 80’s. Today, Lacoste more than just manufactures tennis, sailing, and golfing shirts, it has become a status symbol and an icon of simplicity, not only with clothing but also with their bags.

Reasons to love a Lacoste tote bag

A girl can never have too many bags, and a Lacoste tote is just one of those bags that every girl must have. It is fashionable, has large storage compartments, and versatile. Here are great reasons why you should own a Lacoste tote bag:

  • One of the reasons why a Lacoste tote bag is popular among women is its large size. It can fit all your daily essentials without looking too bulky.
  • Versatility is a quality that a Lacoste tote bag has. You can carry it while shopping, going to work, going to school, etc. It is a bag that has tons of uses.
  • As a fashion accessory, Lacoste tote bags are simply elegant, and sophisticated. You can accentuate your look without looking too over the top.
  • The best thing about Lacoste tote bag is that it is made of the finest leather, nylon and fabrics, making it a strong and durable bag.

Types of tote bags from Lacoste Philippines

Lacoste has some of the greatest tote bags you could ever have in your closet. There are three basic types of Lacoste tote bags: (1) vertical, (2) horizontal, and (3) convertible totes. You can easily differentiate them based on the actual shape of the bag.

Lacoste Vertical Totes

Simple, great for all occasions, and has a wide range of styles and colors, like all types of Lacoste bags, vertical totes are characterized by its taller and slimmer shape. It is called horizontal totes because its height is longer than its length.

Lacoste Horizontal Totes

The exact opposite of vertical totes, Lacoste horizontal totes are shorter in height but longer in length. Like Vertical totes, this type of bag is also a great addition to your closet whether you are using it for school, work, or leisure.

Lacoste Convertible Totes

Lastly, Lacoste convertible totes are the same as the first two but has an extra long strap that you can carry as a shoulder bag or a sling bag. These totes have some of the most versatile appearances, making it a great choice for fashionistas.

Celebrities with Lacoste tote bags

Being a well-known high-end brand, Lacoste has some of the most star-studded line of customers in the industry. British actress Emma Watson, Twilight star Alice Greene, and Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, are just some of the many celebrities and fashion icons who own a Lacoste tote bag. Take a peek at some of the hottest Lacoste tote bags here or check out other brands such as Coach, Chanel, Calvin Klein, and Michael Kors.

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