For that classy French look without looking too casual, check out Lacoste Philippines’ Polo shirts. Read below to know more about the Polo shirts by Lacoste Philippines!


Lacoste Polo Shirts Philippines – Dress Me Like a French Guy

The French are known for its elegant and luxury fashion sense, making them one of the forerunners when it comes to creating trends in the fashion scene. Lacoste proudly carries its French heritage and embodies the French spirit with the apparels that they produce, including their world-renowned Polo shirts. If you would like to look as classy and elegant as the French without creating any fashion faux-pas, Lacoste Polo Shirts Philippines is the right choice for you.

Lacoste Philippines – Introducing the Revolutionary Polo Shirt to the World

Lacoste was founded by tennis legend Rene Lacoste. In fact, the Polo shirt that we know and love today was conceived by him and his partner, loose-knit fabric expert, Andre Gillier. Inspired by polo players in London, Lacoste designed a button neckline and short sleeve shirt that tennis players could wear on court which enabled greater movement and flexibility. Lacoste teamed up with Gillier to fine-tune his original Polo shirt designs. Together, they created the famous pique petit cotton, which is lightweight yet strong and breathable. Being the perfectionist that he was, Lacoste tested the first series of Polo shirts himself to look for any ways to improve the design.

By 1933, the revolutionary L.12.12 Polo shirt made with the pique petit fabric was officially launched to the public by Lacoste and Gillier. The Polo shirts received great response because of its lightweight, comfortable and flexible feature and the rest is history.

The Story Behind the Crocodile Logo

If you are wondering about the origins of the crocodile logo that is so symbolic with the Lacoste brand, it is actually a symbolic representation of Rene Lacoste himself. During his heyday as a tennis player, he was given the nickname “The Crocodile” by the media for his strength and perfectionist attitude on court.

Lacoste Polo Shirts Philippines – A History of Excellence

Lacoste Polo Shirts today are direct descendants of the Polo shirts created by Lacoste. Over the years, the Lacoste brand has been closely associated with Polo shirts. Smart-looking, practical and comfortable are the attributes that Lacoste Polo shirts are known for. As a smart casual outfit that suits all occasions, Lacoste Polo shirts should be an addition to your wardrobe. Lacoste Polo shirts are only versatile and stylish, but they are also comfortable thanks to the pique cotton material that they use, which makes them ideal to be worn in the hot and humid Southeast Asian weather.

Trademark Lacoste Polo Shirts Now Available in the Philippines

Looking for something to wear that makes you look good without overdressing, yet also able to be worn to more formal places without being too casual? Lacoste Philippines’ Polo shirts are the answer. Now that you know more about Lacoste Philippines’ high-quality Polo shirts, get one for yourself and your loved ones to enjoy simplistic, stylish, and comfortable semi-casual wear. You can find them online at Galleon, Lazada Philippines or YOOX Philippines.