When luxury meets comfort, Lacoste gives you a selection of footwear for women. With its signature crocodile logo, the brand gives you a selection of sneakers, ballet flats, and wedges for women. What makes Lacoste footwear different is its focus on comfort, minimalist colors, and silhouettes. Here are some good-to-know information about Lacoste that you might want to check out:

Is Lacoste a good brand for shoes?
What is Lacoste shoe price?
Where to buy Lacoste shoes online?
What are Lacoste shoes made of?


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What You Need to Know about Lacoste Footwear

With its signature crocodile logo, Lacoste is one of the most recognizable clothing brands today. Established in 1933 by Tennis legend Rene Lacoste, it was first well known for creating tennis wear such as polo shirts and shorts, later moving on to bags, perfumes, and footwear. If you're looking for an excellent shoe for daily use, Lacoste might just have what you're looking for. Here are some interesting questions that you may have before getting your own pair of Lacoste footwear.

Is Lacoste a good brand for shoes?

While mostly known for its polo shirts, Lacoste also has a range of footwear for women. What makes this brand great is its simple and comfortable design. Lacoste maintains minimalist silhouettes that complement your style and outfit. Lacoste sneakers also features Ortholite insoles, making each step comfortable. Besides that, you can also choose from different shoe series such as the Marice, Carnaby EVO, Marthe, and a whole lot more. Lacoste's range of footwear is also relatively versatile and can be worn from day until the night. With this brand, you won't need to bring an extra pair of shoes from the office to the club.

What is Lacoste shoe price?

Lacoste footwear typically ranges from P2,000 to P5,000 or more depending on the style. The cheapest shoe you can from the brand is the Lacoste Rey. This shoe comes in a wide range of colorways from black, white, gold, as well as different materials such as canvas, leather, mesh or rubber. One tip to get the cheapest shoe is to compare different shops online on iPrice.

Where to buy Lacoste shoes for women online?

You can buy Lacoste products in the Philippines online on some of the biggest online stores such as Galleon.ph, Amazon, Shopee, and Yoox. Because different stores might offer different prices, make sure to compare the prices first before purchasing to get the best deal on iPrice.

What are Lacoste shoes made of?

The brand uses several materials to create their footwear namely canvas, leather, and rubber. Canvas is an affordable material that is lightweight and encourages airflow; this makes canvas the perfect summer shoe. Leather, on the other hand, is sturdier and adds sophistication to the shoe, however, this can make it more expensive. If you are thinking more longer-term, a good leather shoe can be a good investment. Rubber gives each Lacoste shoe its flexibility as well as its durability. It helps absorb shock, therefore making your Lacoste shoe more comfortable to wear.