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LANEIGE Makeup for Women

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LANEIGE Two Tone Lip Bar
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[Features] [Laneige] Two Tone Matte Lip Bar 2g Two-Tone Matte Lip Bar expresses comfortable two-tone gradation without making skin feel dry with the combination of high-coloration matte color and velvet lip primer. High-coloration matte color meets velvet lip primer! The two different textures make the inside of the lips look vivid and the outside of the lips smooth! Sliding Blur refers to the effect that the velvety lip primer at the bottom brings by filling and coating wrinkles on the lips. It makes the lips look even smoother and softer like Photoshop¡¯s blur effect. Matte outside, moist inside. The gel formula expresses comfortable matte lips without making dry lips, wrinkles, and dead skin cells noticeable by filling the curves of the lips. Quick touch gradation. The unique, diagonal cut expresses natural auto gradation as if done by a makeup artist. [Variation] #01 Burgundy Mood, #02 Red Cashmere, #03 Power Shoulder Pink, #04 Fitting Rose, #05 Sunshine Coral, #06 Red Velvet, #07 Apricot Candy, #08 Rose Layering, #09 Raspberry Latte, #10 Soft Neat [Capacity] 2g [How to Use] 1. Lower the button to push the lipstick upward. 2. Be sure to open the cap before lowering down the button. 3. The lipstick can be easily broken, so lift the lipstick little by little. 4. Pressing too hard on lips can push the lipstick back to the container, so lightly apply the lipstick while holding the button with your thumb. Read more

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LANEIGE Two Tone Lip Bar

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