Leagoo is a globally-renowned smartphone manufacturer, creating meticulously designed phones with top-of-the-line specs and features. If you are in the market for a new smartphone, here are some points to keep in mind. You can also check out the latest Leagoo smartphones below.


Essential Things to Consider in Your Next Smartphone Purchase with Leagoo Philippines

Purchasing a smartphone in Philippines has become a commonplace activity for many buyers these days. Every now and then, new phones are being released by smartphone companies, competing with each other in order to take advantage of the high market demand. Despite the steep prices of flagship phones, buyers are willing to shell out money to get a device with impressive features and specs.

Some buyers purchase a phone out of impulse. They easily get attracted with the design of the smartphone or they want to have the same handset as their peers. If you are in the market for a remarkable smartphone, then you should get a phone based on your needs to get the most out of your money. Since there is a vast selection of smartphones, choosing one can be bewildering. But here are some things to consider to narrow down your options.

Think of what you need

Before the advent of smartphones in Philippines, people used to buy basic phones to make and receive calls. Today, you get a lot of features on your smartphone. Although it’s great to have access to multifarious features on your phone, this may also leave you confused while purchasing a phone. To prevent this, you must think of what you need so you can figure out what you are looking for on your new device.

There are a lot of things to consider in a smartphone like the design, operating system, camera, battery, connectivity, display, multimedia, and much more. Aside from that, you may need a smartphone with impressive games and apps or shoots stunning photos. If you are always busy and need to use your device with one, then it’s best to get a 5-inch smartphone or anything with a small screen size. If you like mobile gaming, processor speed and RAM are important things to consider. A smartphone with a large RAM (like a 6 GB of RAM) offers great gaming experience. If you still don’t know what you need, then you need some time to figure things out.

Operating System

Today, there are three major operating systems to choose from. If you get confused selecting one for your new device, here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons of each operating system.

iOS vs. Windows, vs. Android phones

Design-wise, iOS devices haven’t really made a lot of drastic changes in their interface since the beginning. On the other hand, Android phones like those from Leaggo Philippines have changed their interface so many times. If you check the latest news regarding Android devices, you will see that many Android handsets like Leagoo M8 Pro have a stylish design and are packed with many great features.

Also, Android and Windows smartphones come with an app drawer or app tray (for Windows) feature so you can save everything you have downloaded, which is not available on iOS. If you always use many apps, then iOS will provide a home screen filled with apps. Whereas, Android and Windows let you fully customize your home screen so it won’t appear packed. When it comes to the latest versions of apps, iOS stands out as it has all the versions of virtually any app. Many new apps in the market will launch first on iOS before Android and Windows. For instance, Instagram sometimes launches its latest version first on iOS and then on Android. So, if you like using apps, then iOS is the best option, although Android is not much far behind.


Smartphones allow you to store confidential info like ID, social media logins, banking info, and much more. For this reason, you should take the security aspect of phones into consideration. Today, there are new biometric security features that make smartphones more secure. iOS has Touch ID and Face ID while Android has its own fingerprint system and iris scanner. With the Touch ID, your fingerprint will serve as the ID to unlock your device; the same goes to the Face ID, where you need to flash the phone in front of you to use the device.


If you are buying a new phone, it’s best to figure out your budget first. Make sure the amount will suit your monthly budget. If you want the best deals, go check shopping sites online and compare the prices of the device you want. Some online marketplaces have impressive listing pages in which you can compare the prices of handsets to make choosing easier. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for an affordable smartphone with remarkable features, go check out Leagoo Philippines’s line of smartphones. Not only do they wield great specs but also stylish designs.