Looking for an efficient and bright flashlight with good features at a reasonable price? LED Lenser Philippines boasts flashlights and headlamps that will aid you in your darkest times. Click here to know more about them.


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Led Lenser P2Bm Flashlight\, Black

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LED Lenser Philippines: Light Up Your World

Driven by light, passion, and innovation, LED Lenser Philippines is one of the pioneers in the LED flashlight market worldwide. It has a great offering of flashlights and headlamps with impressive features at reasonable prices – they are a total package that is unlike any other.

About LED Lenser

LED Lenser is one of the most acclaimed brands offering top-tier LED flashlights, headlights, and accessories. The key to its success is the top-notch quality of its products that are reasonably priced. Rainer and Harald Opolka, the founders of LED lenser, had a rough start as they were refused to be granted a business loan. But with their determination, they were able to get through their ordeal and sell LED flashlights worth over 200 million Euros in the first few years. LED lenser was definitely an inspiring story of two brothers as they took a risk without having a bank to back them up financially yet ended up being successful.

Get the best and brightest lights at LED Lenser Philippines

LED Lenser’s secret to its bright and flourishing business lies in its dedication to offering shoppers with high quality and efficient flashlights and headlamps. Compared to its competitors, LED lenser light appears to shine brighter. Here are the reasons why LED Lenser lights appear the best and the brightest:

  • Advanced Focus System (AFS): AFS is a lens/reflector optic that makes LED Lenser lights appear very bright. LED Lenser is the only one that uses AFS technology in the world.
  • Aside from their top-of-the-line AFS technology, LED Lenser also boasts its advanced circuitry and cooling system which allows lights to run at long times for high output, not to mention it doesn’t cause overheating of the LED chip.
  • One of the things that annoy people when it comes to flashlights and headlamps is the batteries which are sometimes hard-to-find, but with LED Lenser, batteries are easy to find and not expensive.
  • LED Lenser uses gold for their contacts which are a highly effective and conductive material. They also use anodized aluminum and polycarbonate, which are optimal materials for lamps.
  • LED Lenser boasts its modular construction system which allows lights to be repaired in sections as needed, making them efficient and better for the environment.

The brightest LED Lenser Philippines products

LED Lenser Flashlight V2 7737 Stainless Steel

One of LED Lenser's bestselling flashlights. LED Lenser Flashlight V2 7737 boasts 24k gold plated contacts as well as water resistant body for convenience when using light in the rain or around bodies of water. Equipped with an adjustable focus and made with ergonomic, hand-friendly design, LED Lenser Flashlight V2 7737 gets the job done in meeting even the most demanding requirements. Not only that, it also guarantees 200 hours run time of super-bright light. Owning this flashlight shows good taste and style.

LED Lenser - M7 Flashlight

Built with a hard anodized coating, LED Lenser – M7 boasts ultra-durable coating which can surpass the most arduous of tasks and endure the harshest of elements. It comes with the Smart Light Technology which enables you to choose two energy modes to suit your light to your needs. Also, M7 is splendid and perfect for up-close reading due to its long-distance and homologous spill-beam; thanks to its Advanced Focus System. It will be hard to find a flashlight that has an impressive combination of advanced technology and durability like M7.

LED Lenser - P3BM Flashlight

Designed for extra performance, P3BM flashlight runs for 7 hours and covers a maximum distance of 31 meters. It is also water-resistant and offers a splash-proof safety rating of IPX4, which means it’s resistant from a splash of water in any direction for five minutes. Another impressive thing about P3BM is its ability to cast an excellent, clean white light with a blue circle to frame the reading spot; thanks to its blue moon optics, making it easier to read and view things for less eye fatigue.

LED Lenser - H14.2 Headlamp

Equipped with Smart Light Technology and Advanced Focus System (AFS), H14.2 Headlamp is considered one of the most popular Len Lenser products. It has a scroll wheel interface that enables the user to easily select the brightness of the headlamp as well as ergonomic design to fit the user’s head.

Shine bright with LED Lenser Philippines

LED Lenser Philippines presents a stellar package of high-quality flashlights and headlamps with a solid performance at reasonable prices! Browse through the latest models of LED Lenser Philippines and find the best product that could light your home best.