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LEGO Duplo Train Starter Set
₱ 4,416.00

Lego Duplo Train Starter Set Langtext:With the Lego Duplo Train Starter Set boredom won’t stand a chance. It is perfectly suitable for little beginners. Watch out at the platform edge! The large steam engine with sound effects arrives and waits for the passengers. The girl is in a hurry because she still has to buy a ticket. Only then she can go with the train. Before the train is ready to continue its journey, the train driver needs to re-fill the tank. The set consists of 52 parts and comes with a train driver, a girl, a colourful steam engine with real sound effects, carriage, ticket window, fuel pump, railway station, track elements, a goat and other Duplo bricks. The track elements feature a length of more than 55 cm. The Lego Duplo building blocks are made of plastic, are durable and very sturdy. They foster your little one’s creativity and fine motor skills. Thanks to their size, the building blocks are perfect for small hands. The Lego Duplo Train Starter Set is suitable for children at the age ofa 2 years and up and provides lots of fun. A brochure with different assembly instructions offers many different construction options. Details: * Lego 10507 * Parts: 52 * Age recommendation: 2 - 5 years * 2 Duplo characters: train driver and girl * Figure: goat * Colourful steam engine, dimensions (H / L / W): 10 x 15 x 6 cm; with real sound effects * Carriage, Dimensions (H / L / W): 10 x 16 x 6 cm; with ticket window and clock, fuel pump and signal * Railway station Dimensions (H / L / W): 18 x 19 x 6 cm; with ticket window * Duplo blocks and track elements that have a length of more than 55 cm * By pressing a button, the train chugs along the track all by itself * Battery required: 3 x Lr06 (not included) * Fosters creativity and fine motor skills

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LEGO Duplo Train Super Set
₱ 8,832.00

Lego Duplo Train Super Set Watch out little trains fans out there! The Lego Duplo train super-set leaves nothing to be desired! Your little one can create tracks with a length of more than 175 m and alter them again and again. The train chugs along the tracks – the highlight: the train features with real sound-effects. At the quarry stones can be loaded onto the waggons. While one worker unloads the stones with the crane, the train will be refuelled at the petrol station. The 134-parts set contains three Lego Duplo characters, one train with real sound-effects, one long and one short waggon, one truck, one building with crane and much more. The quarry which is also included in delivery is equipped with Duplo building blocks stone-rocks, has a dumper-function and even a door and windows. The Lego Duplo train super-set fosters your little one’s creativity by offering different construction options. This adorable set is suitable for children at the age of 2 years and up. Details: * Lego 10508 * Set with 134 pcs * 3 Duplo characters: 3 workers * Train, size (H/l/w): 10 x 15 x 7 cm, with real sound-effects * Long waggon, size: (H/l/w): 9 x 16 x 6 cm * Short waggon, size (H/l/b): 7 x 16 x 6 cm * Truck, size (H/l/b): 6 x 11 x 8 cm * Building with crane, size (H/l/b): 28 x 16 x 24 cm, functioning crane hoist * Quarry, size (H/l/b): 17 x 9 x 30 cm; Duplo building blocks stone-rocks, dumper-function, door and windows * Petrol station, size (H/l/b): 13 x 6 x 16 cm * Tunnel / bridge-components and rail track components – with a total of more than 175 cm track length * Imprinted Duplo components: traffic light, fuel-pump, fruit, tools, pieces of furniture, fence and oil can * More Duplo building blocks and flowers * Battery requirements: 3 x Lr06 (not included) * Age recommendation: 2-5 years * Fosters creativity

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LEGO Duplo Around the World
₱ 7,570.00

Lego Duplo Around the World Lego Duplo’s amazing set “Around the World” enables your little discoverer to travel the world in no time at all. S/he will learn many interesting facts about all parts of the world and explore them with Lego Duplo’s figurines. This big set comes with four adorable settings: a temple, a savannah, a forest and an Antarctica setting. An aeroplane as well as a boat that can be assembled are also included in delivery. Each setting is brought to life with the matching inhabitants, animals and many other accessories. That way, the foundation for exciting and eventful roleplays is created. Your child can play individually with each setting or else combine them with each other and thus learn new things about different animals and their habitats. Your child can be a pilot and fly over every continent or else a captain that steers his boat safely over the ocean and watches out for whales. S/he can take a picture of funny penguins or else meet wild animals from the savannah. The cosy little cabin in the woods invites your little one to rest and take a break. With this amazing set only the sky is the limit. Stacking, pegging and building new worlds with Lego Duplo’s colourful and handy bricks fosters your child’s fine motor skills in a playful way. Details: * Lego 10805 * Including 5 Lego Duplo figurines and 17 animals from all over the world * 4 settings: forest, savannah, temple, Antarctica * With aeroplane and boat for assembling * Including extensive accessories and imprinted bricks * Age recommendation: 2 – 5 years

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