Talking about immersive mobile experience, Letv is young brand that can redefine your digital experience through its beautifully crafted products. Read more about Letv Philippines here.

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Being hailed as one of the most innovative pioneers in the digital market, Letv has been recognized as the leader when it comes to making powerful impact on the lives of many. The combination of its products and services contains the best blend of digital entertainment that you can easily reach within your fingertips. Needless to say, Letv really walks the talk as it offers you the opportunity of enhancing your life and embrace the future at the same time.

About Letv Philippines & Its History

Established in 2004 by Jia Yueting, Letv has been tasked with bringing the vision of its founder to life. As one of the most celebrated Internet pioneers in China, Jia Yueting has been dreaming in making the digital content in the Internet to be highly accessible at affordable rate. At the same time, he strives to merge the trinity of applications, devices and content. Looking at all of the achievements that Letv has achieved, it appears that Jia Yueting could be said to very successful in meeting his goals of getting everyone in enjoying their full access to digital entertainment. Despite making its mark in the market in just few years, Letv actually has a longer history that one might expect.

Prior to the founding of Letv, Jia Yueting established Shanxi Xi Bei Er Communication Technology Co Ltd in 2003. From here, he was able to consolidate the expertise and technology that would be needed in building Letv. Later, he also founded Xbell Union Communication Technology (Beijing) Co Ltd which was listed on Singapore Exchange in 2007. This company eventually played the main role in strengthening Letv's grip in the digital world. In 2010, Letv subsequently became the world's first IPO company to be listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

The year 2015 marked the arrival of Letv at the shores of United States as it opened several offices in Los Angeles and Silicon Valley. Together with Beijing, these two cities formed Letv's tri-city strategy: Los Angeles (media and entertainment), Silicon Valley (technology and innovation) and Beijing (application and implementation). At that time, Letv was also planning for its highly ambitious Super Electric Ecosystem (SEE) project that boasted its own R & D center in California. Such venture has created hundreds of jobs in the state of California itself and it was the result of more than $100 million investment by Letv.

Growing from strength to strength, Letv eventually possessed its own music, smart phone and sports companies. These companies helped Letv to achieve its concept of Le Ecosystem which the user is able to enjoy video, music, film, entertainment, sport matches and concert shows with Letv's own network. Not just that, Letv also pioneered cloud video open platform which offers cloud live, content delivery network solutions and cloud video-on-demand that prove to be useful in various sectors such as e-commerce, media, education, smart home and more. At the end of day, it is all about providing cloud video to everyone without any obstacles.

How Letv Philippines Creates Legendary Products

Thanks to its tireless teams of designers, researchers and others, Letv continues to design and develop products that enable its users to explore and experience the digital world fully without any reservation. In addition, the workforce is also passionate and dedicated in engaging with its customers by listening to their feedback intently and providing better solutions in return. Emphasizing the importance of user experience, Letv ensures that its products to be simple to use that everyone can use effortlessly.

As one of the largest consumer electronic companies in China, Letv is proudly involved in production of smartphones, tablets, smart home devices, televisions and even cars. Not just that, it even engages in video production and distribution as well as Internet TV. Such diversity in managing various businesses illustrates the passion and dedication of Letv in expanding and exporting its expertise in the known digital world. Unsurprisingly, Letv boasts one of the world's largest libraries in terms of digital content. Despite its relatively young age, this upstart brand proves to be amazing as it strikes the market with its own breakthroughs that are quite revolutionary and innovative in their own rights.

Top Letv Philippines Products That Everyone Recommends

Letv Le 2

Believing that you do not have to compromise anymore, Letv Le 2 is your gateway to a complete mobile internet ecosystem. Encased in ultra-light metal unibody, Letv Le 2 exudes sophistication vibe that is said to be premium. The fearsome combination of both Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 and 3GB RAM enables Letv Le 2 to be able to run even the most intense application without breaking a sweat. At the same time, Letv Le 2 enables you to experience smooth operation that you always want.

Housing the incredible CDLA (Continual Digital Lossless Audio), Letv Le 2 offers enhanced audio output that contributes to better audio listening experience as it eliminates signal loss as well as audio flaw. In addition, Letv Le 2 features its proprietary dual purpose fingerprint recogntion which provides advanced security by identifying only your fingerprint before allowing you to use it. Armed with 16MP rear camera, you will able to take stunningly beautiful pictures consistently. Not just that, its 8MP front camera has been designed exclusively in helping you to take the perfect selfie. Hence, Letv Le 2 is the smartphone that is perfect choice for those that desire seamless digital experience.

Letv Le Max2

Crafted purely for you to live the future, Letv Le Max2 connects you with the latest entertainment wherever you go. Its Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 allows you to experience the meaning of owning a powerful processing system that can tackle even the most demanding application or mobile game. Boosted with 4GB RAM or 6GB RAM (higher spec), Letv Le Max2 allows you to switch from one application to another effortlessly without suffering lag in the process. Not only that, multitasking will be just a simple task for Letv Le Max2 as it does not struggle when handling several applications at the same time.

Another awesome reason in getting Letv Le Max2 is because of its 5.7 inch 2K WQHD display which offers awesome display quality. It provides tantalizing viewing experience as the display boasts sharp yet vivid display that is best to be described as life-like. Talking about camera, Letv Le Max2 lets its 21MP rear camera in making sure that you always snap the best pictures consistently in no time. When it comes to talking selfies or video call, the 8MP front camera provides incredible image quality that is perfect for such tasks.

Living The Life With Letv Philippines

Even with the most powerful specifications available, it is still futile if the smartphone proves to be unusable due to its complexity. However, Letv smartphones deliver such robust performance that you will remember forever. The future is here and Letv will be your ladder in reaching your place in the upcoming digital world. For the latest Letv smartphone experience, you can always take a look at Letv smartphones in order to own such reliable and powerful smartphones.