Life is always good with LG--be it through smartphones, air-conditioners, or even TVs. We absolutely love LG TVs for their vivid colors and their visual superiority. We bet you're curious why. Read more below!


Top LG TV, Video & DVD Price List 2021

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LG 65LM6200 ₱ 90,000.00 Shopee
LG 39LN5300 ₱ 788.06 Shopee
LG DP132 ₱ 1,324.05 Lazada
LG 32LM550BPTA TV ₱ 18,495.00 Lazada
LG 42LB6500 ₱ 6,772.87 Lazada
LG 43LF5900 ₱ 10,280.02 Lazada
LG 43UF6400 ₱ 722.45 Lazada
LG 60LN5400 ₱ 3,292.69 Lazada
LG 49LF5400 ₱ 6,714.00 Lazada
LG 32LN549C ₱ 697.48 Lazada
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LG 65LM6200

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LG TVs Philippines: Life's Good, On and Off Screen

LG TVs Philippines: OLED, ULTRA, LED, and 3D

The race to market the best-looking television is fast-paced and beaming with innovations and revolutions. From 3D technology to voice-command to even televisions that learn your behavior and favorites day-by-day--we have gone far into the future of image and video projection that we are pretty much unaware that we are living in the early years of the future. But enough talk of the future, let's talk about the present with LG TVs.

Did you know that the LG brand was formerly known as Lucky Goldstar? Well, we can say they've gotten lucky and have gotten themselves a gold star for the innovated products that they have released. We would love to list them all here but we're going to focus on the TVs that they have this time. LG has 6 different categories of TVs and we're going to briefly go through them. We're ranking them starting from the most impressive:


This particular category branches into 2 further sub-categories which are the 4K TVs and the Flat TVs. Each of them come equipped with intense colors and stunningly deep contrast to be coupled with each distinctive and innovative design.

  • LG Prime 4K UHD TVs

We've got to say it; watching a movie on a Prime UHD TV in your home would make you think that you're actually at the movies--who wouldn't want that, right? The Prime UHD's resolution is at least 4 times that of full HD and with ColorPrime technology to back up that number of pixels, your way of watching TV will absolutely change. Should we say more?

  • LG 4K Ultra HD TVs

Closely similar to the Prime UHD, LG's 4K TV line-up should be more than enough to deliver to you 4 times the resolution of full HD, offering bolder, bigger, and more lifelike colors to your TV-viewing experience.

  • LG LED TVs

With these TVs in your home, you are able to create cinematic experiences thanks to the sharp images, vibrant colors, and deep blacks. Never go through the hassle of finding the right size because LG LED TVs come in many different sizes!

  • LG Smart TVs

If you're looking for a TV that could be synced to all your other devices, than LG's Smart TVs are your very best bet. Watch your favorite programming from broadcasts, streamed content, and even content from your other devices seamlessly.

  • LG 3D TVs

We've talked about how you can actually bring cinematic magic into your home. Now, how about bringing the 3D feature of cinema into your home? LG's 3D TVs are the best to watch your favorite 3D content in startling realism and depth. Be awed and shocked everytime you put on your favorite movie.

Why We Absolutely Love LG Tvs

We're not going to bore you with all the technical babble of why LG TVs are great. We just simply love them for their innovated features that include close-to-life colors and contrast and not to mention the amazing 3D technology behind them. You could find at least one of these TVs (and future TVs) on top TVs every year and that should say enough of why we love them.

So, scroll back up and do your living room a favor and equip it with a LG TV today!

Happy Shopping!