If you are one of those women who think that one lipstick is never enough, then you will be interested in checking out this brand. Lipstick Queen has a wide offering of lip products (many have gone on to be cult favorites) that will be a worthwhile addition to your makeup collection. Click here to learn more about the brand.

Lipstick Queen Makeup

Lipstick Queen Philippines: Lipstick for Every Mood, Occasion and Outfit

Lipstick Queen Philippines: Lipstick to Express Your Personality and Individuality

You will never ever hear a woman say that one lipstick is enough, as different colors, finishes and textures would suit different occasions. If you are looking for a lipstick brand that is empowering, then Lipstick Queen is the one for you. Lipstick Queen is the brainchild of Poppy King and is not the first brand that this vibrant woman has started. When she was merely 18 years old, she started a brand in her hometown in Australia when she could not find the perfect lipstick. While its lipstick shades were popular, the brand did not quite take off and soon closed when Poppy King decided to work for Estee Lauder. It would be later on that she ventured out into making her very own lipstick brand again. And that was how Lipstick Queen was born in 2006.

Lipstick Queen Philippines: Lipstick that Empowers

To the founder of Lipstick Queen, lipstick isn’t just a way to brighten up one’s face. She feels that lipstick has the power to increase one’s confidence, making it feel like she can take on the world. That is the feeling that she wishes to help other people feel when using her lipstick. As the brand’s name suggest, Lipstick Queen focuses mainly on lipstick and other lip products. The reason for that is because Poppy Kind believes that lipstick is able to transform one’s look and sense of self, compared to other cosmetics that just seek to correct, conceal and/or enhance.

From among the many awesome products that Lipstick Queen has to offer, we have selected a few lipsticks that we are very sure you would be interested to learn about (and hopefully add to your makeup bag!):

Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Lipstick: At first glance, this lipstick looks like it would be one of those fun colors that people would only wear during Halloween. Don’t be fooled by this emerald green lipstick. Once applied, the lipstick hue would react with the warmth of your lips and turn into a beautiful rose hue. Similar to how no two people are the same, so the shade of lipstick will vary from person to person. The lipstick is formulated with Vitamin E and Shea Butter that will keep your lips soft and deliciously kissable until you find the prince of your dreams.
Lipstick Queen Medieval: A long time ago, during medieval times in fact, lipstick was considered a sin and women used lemons to give their lips a natural blood red look. Lipstick Queen’s Medieval was inspired by those methods and seeks to impart a sexy, innocent red tint that even the most lipstick-averse will not be able to resist. The formula of the lipstick is lightweight and sheer that is feels like you are wearing lip balm instead of a lipstick. For those who prefer a darker, more vibrant color, just layer on the lipstick for a better color payoff!
Lipstick Queen Hello Sailor: It’s time for a change of lipstick color that will stand apart from the reds and pinks that dominate the lipstick world. Hello Sailor is a nautical-themed lipstick that is sure to help you stand apart. The lipstick delivers a sheer cool-toned berry color with a hint of deep sapphire. The lipstick contains Vitamin E treatment that will nourish as well as keep your lips moisturized.
Lipstick Queen Jean Queen: If you feel that lipsticks never did go well with casual wear, then you had better think again. Lipstick Queen introduces a one-shade-fits-all lipstick in the form of Jean Queen. This sheer pink lipstick is perfect for your casual daytime look and makes it look like you took time to get ready instead of a quick swipe of color across your lips. The lipstick contains Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Aloe Vera gel that will keep your lips nicely moisturized and nourished.
Lipstick Queen Queen Bee: A lipstick that is inspired by honey, Queen Bee is formulated with all the nourishing goodness of honey and nectar that will soothe, repair and preserve your beautiful pout. The lipstick has a light honey scented smell and imparts a golden, gilded tint that is flattering on most skin tones.

    Lipstick Queen Philippines: Glamorous and Transformational

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