One of the oldest Spanish fashion brands today, Loewe Philipines takes pride in their 170 years of craftsmanship and homage to classic roots. Today, Loewe is among the most sought after brand worn by many celebrities such as Kate Bosworth, Philipppa Hemphrey, Jennifer Lopez, and so much more! Check out our selection of Loewe bags in the Philippines or read more about the brand.


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Loewe Bags in Philippines - An Icon of Luxury from Spain

Revered as one of the oldest luxury brands today, Loewe was first established in 1846 as a congregation of leather artisans in Madrid, Spain. It wasn’t until German entrepreneur Enrique Loewe Roessberg consolidated the workshop and turned it into a brand under one name in 1872. For the past 170 years, Loewe has been perfecting their craft and expanded into a worldwide phenomenon. So if you want a luxury brand that’s unique and stylish, choose Loewe.

Why choose Loewe bags

Loewe Philippines is a brand that have transcended from the classical ages of fashion, the vintage era of the 20s, to the hip and modern seasons of the 80s to the 2000s. Throughout the years, Loewe has kept their workmanship in check when creating some of the finest pieces such as the Loewe Barcelona Bag, Loewe Puzzle Bag, Loewe Flamenco Knot Bag, Loewe Elephant Leather Bag. Here are reasons why you should choose Loewe bags in Philippines:

Long heritage and workmanship

Being one of the three pillars of the brand, craftsmanship is Loewe’s priority when it comes to creating their collections. Their excellence in creating the finest leather goods since the 18th century has made them a favorite amongst many A-list celebrities, and models. You can trust Loewe when it comes to providing you with the best bags that would suit your lifestyle.

Your favorite bags with a twist!

Dubbed by Vogue as “the avant-garde competitor of Hermes”, Loewe is leading the season with their phenomenal designs and a brand new take on their bags. Under the direction of renowned creative director Jonathan Anderson, Loewe adds a little spark to your favorite hand bags, shoulder bags, clutches, and totes, making them an exciting part of your outfit!

Loewe - the next best-seller

Chic, modern, and more than just a bag, Loewe fully dedicates their time towards improving their designs to suit this modern day and age. With high hopes for the coming years, many individuals are looking into the brand as the next big thing in fashion next to big names such as Chanel, Coach, Louis Vuitton, and so much more!

Shop for Loewe bags online in Philippines!

If you are a big fan of luxury brands, then Loewe would certainly fit your luxurious criteria. Behind the name of this amazing Spanish brand lies a century of craftsmanship and dedication to creating some of the best pieces like bags from their Amazona and Flamenco collections. Take a look at available Loewe bags such as sling bags, handbags, travel bags, and so much more! Shop at iPrice now!

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