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Longchamp - High-Fashion Brand

Simple, enticing, and elegant - these are the words that would best describe Longchamp’s excellent line of bags and small leather goods. Greatly influenced by French high-fashion, Longchamp’s rustic and classy style gives it its signature look. It’s minimalist designs offer a striking yet subtle element to any outfit, making your outfit pop out of the canvas. While the brand is mostly well-known for their tote bags, Longchamp Philippines also has a range of other packs including backpacks, clutch, sling bags, and wallets. Among their most well-recognized collection is the Le Pliage. Designed by the founder’s grand daughter Sophie Delafontaine, the Le Pliage collection denotes a classy yet modern twist which is greatly associated with the brand.

Reasons to love Longchamp

Another great thing about Longchamp is it not only caters to women, but also to men. Attain that masculine, classy look with Longchamp’s extensive collection of men’s bags including business bags, cross-body bags, satchels, and messenger bags. Because of its minimalist features, you can take your Longchamp bags anywhere at anytime whether you are out on a date, in a business meeting at the office, or doing your groceries. From 300MYR to as much as 3,300MYR, you can get your own taste of French high-fashion from Longchamp Philippines with tons of great options available. Imbued with quality, design, and exuding with style, your Longchamp bag would certainly make you look like a million dollars! Shop for your own taste of luxury with Longchamp’s exciting new designs!

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When it comes to designing game changing, classy and sophisticated bags, no one can do it better than Longchamp. This classic French brand changed the whole course of history when they created the La Pliage. It can be spotted everywhere and on everyone, from royalties to fashionistas, from the back alley to the runway. Scroll all the way down to know more about how Longchamp took over the world.

Longchamp, a brand of elegance and luxury at iPrice Philippines

Longchamp is a French luxury fashion brand selling durable high quality leather and nylon handbags as well as other fashion items. The brand was founded by Jean Cassegrain in 1948 and named after the racecourse in the Bois de Boulogne hence the horse and racer logo. Initially selling tobacco and leather accessories for smokers, the brand eventually shifted entirely to fashion, offering an extensive range of men's and women's bags, small leather goods and accessories, luggage and travel, shoes as well as ready to wear fashion items. Having been run and managed by the Cassegrain family until today, Longchamp has become a leading brand in leather goods.

Le Pliage, the proof of a French revolution - Longchamp Philippines

Their most renowned item is the Longchamp Le Pliage tote bags, which has maintained its popularity over many years. This is easily credited to Longchamp's artistic designer (and granddaughter of founder Jean Cassegrain) Sophie Delafontaine who manages to ensure all Longchamp products stay classy whilst adding a modern twist through collaborations with other designers and artists.

Through these collaborations, Longchamp often releases limited edition products, making it even more exciting for customers to collect these items and having them come back for more. Longchamp also offers personalized services by giving their customers the ability to design their own Le Pliage handbag. This makes their customers feel that much more special and ensures that they are 100% happy with the product they buy.

Longchamp bags are effortlessly modern. With the option of both nylon and leather, every one of all ages can find great use for it. Whether it is for school or a night out of town, there is a Longchamp bag for every occasion. Its durability and practicality is also an added plus. The nylon material is able to withstand dust and water with the Le Pliage being foldable and compact making it appropriate for any fashionista's travelling needs.

Cool facts about Le Pliage - Longchamp Philippines

If your life revolves around bags and only bags, then you, my friend need to get your hand on the revolutionary bag that took the world’s fashion industry by storm, the Le Pliage. But before you start your search for the best Le Pliage to suit your style, here are some interesting facts that might just make your heart skip a beat.

The Le Pliage nylon was actually designed by Philippe Cassegrain, the son of the founder, Jean Cassegain as a complementary product to its growing collection of luggage in 1993.

Ever since Longchamp launched the Le Pliage nylon in 1994, the brand has sold over 30 million of its iconic and Japanese inspired bag.

Despite looking so simple, the construction of the Le Pliage nylon bag required lots of time and effort. Cassegrain and his dedicated team took three full year to perfect the bag before set it up on the racks.

The Pliage nylon are designed in 12 different colors but the best-selling colors that are sells like hot cakes are black, brown and dark blue.

As fancy as it may sound to non-French speaking individuals, the Le Pliage in French simply means the folding bag.

Ever since the introduction of the Le Pliage to the world, Longchamp has worked together with various designers, artists and celebrities in giving the bag a new look. Some of their famous names include Jeremy Scott, Mary Katrantzou, Sarah Morris and Kate Moss.

With the constant collaborations, now you can find the Le Pliage nylon in 150 colors and prints.

Though it only took 3 years to create the Le Pliage nylon, this bag became a tough act to follow. The designers at Longchamp took 19 long years to produce Le Pliage Cuir and Leather. Since it had to fold, the bags had to be designed in a soft but sturdy leather, and after searching high and low for the perfect material, in 2012 they found the perfect one- supple Metisse leather from goats and lambs.

Even celebrities can handle the awesomeness of Longchamp Philippines

Are you having trouble matching your outfit with your bag? With Longchamp bags, you never have to worry about these problems anymore for they are designed in a way to match everything you have in your wardrobe. And being a women, you obviously have a lot of necessities that you need everywhere you go. With the Longchamp bags, carry all your needs with you-shades, makeup, lotions, notebook, sanitizers- they can hold a tad amount of one’s belongings. Because of its shape, durability and just its awesomeness, there’s no doubt that a number of Hollywood celebrities are loyal followers of this label like Kendall Jenner, Katie Holmes, Jessica Alba, Katie Holmes, January Jones, Freida Pinto, Kate Moss, Amy Adams, Selma Blair, Nina Dobrev, Keke Lindgard, and royalty princess, Kate Middleton.

Get the best of Longchamp in Philippines

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