Taking care of your skin's wellness is crucial in order to maintain a healthy and youthful lifestyle. With Lush Philippines, you’ll get to experience the perfect home spa and indulge in the most relaxing time in your bathroom. Check out the best products from Lush or read more about the brand below.

What are the best Lush products? | How do you use a Lush face mask?


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Exciting Health and Wellness Products from Lush Philippines

Lush stands for freshness, greenery, verdancy and drunken women, which perfectly expresses the nature of organic beauty products. Majority of us is still unfamiliar with the benefits of organic cosmetics and beauty products. Hence why our complexion, as well as body wellness, is still crying out for more tender care, especially under the dry and humid tropical weather in the Philippines. Chemical-based products only make our skin worse and we end up paying more for skin treatment and such. That is why more and more organic cosmetics brands are flourishing in these recent years, specifically those that are specialized in skincare and body work products.

We understand that searching for reliable and reputable brands that can take good care of your wellness is vital to every beauty connoisseur. While you are reading this, we are certain that you have already found the answer and yes, it is none other than Lush.

Lush products are guaranteed 100% hand-made, contain only the freshest ingredients from Mother Nature like fruits and vegetables as well as guarateed no animal-testing. In fact, they have been working on developing more reliable methods that involved only scientific experimentation.

Lush Bath and Body Products

There is nothing as wonderful as soaking your body in alluring scent of bathing soap while massaging your skin thoroughly after a long day of work. Lush produces various products that can immediately turn your showering time into a lavish spa treatment.

Bubble bars

These solid bubble bars are unique to only Lush. You can use them as fragrances for your bathtub and enjoy a movie-like bubble bath. Designed in pretty shapes that need no packaging, Lush bubble bar is the vedette of Lush’s product line. You will surely find yourself admiring the products so much you just got to own one or more! Want a little more romance? Just light up the corner of your bathroom with a few scented candles.

Bath bombs

If bubble bars bring a romantic Hollywood bubble scene to your bath tub, then Lush bath bombs will turn your bath time into a real fun and colourful ‘party’. The burst of colours and alluring scents is perfect for an exciting soaking experience without the need to crumble it like bubble bars.

Shower Smoothies

Smoothies aren’t just for drinking; they can be used as shower gels too! Well, that is what Lush smoothies are. Created based on the formulas of both soap and lotion, Lush shower smoothies are creamy and delightful with their soft texture as well as flowery smell. You will get to indulge in a blissful showering time that can actually up lift your mood and relax your body while still ensuring total cleansing effect.

Shower Scrubs

Not all scrubs are the same to Lush. They produce a special shower scrub that can deliver the most tender care to your body. With natural ingredients that help to moisturize the skin as well as enhance the smoothness of the skin, Lush shower scrub is one of the most essential bathing products that you should have to enjoy bath time like never before.

Lush Hair Treatments

Among the hair care products like shampoo and conditioner, Lush’s hair treatment has some distinctive benefits that are hardly found in the market. It contains herbal concoctions that help to nurture your hair and scalp, giving it the ever growing strength. After all, smooth and glowing hair is a sign of good health.

Lush Face masks

One of the vital steps of taking care of your skin is applying face mask. Cleansing it is only the first step to remove bacteria from your makeup and dust, in order to better moisturize the skin as well as enhance its wellness, avoid acne and wrinkles, you should put on face mask regularly. Lush’s face masks are produced using 100% fresh ingredients blended in oils treatment. The effects of their face masks have been endorsed by countless customers.

Lush Makeup

For a brand that is specialized in organic products, their makeup line is definitely a must-have. Ladies who wear makeup every day may find cosmetics are all harmful to the skin until they try Lush. With the range of makeup products for eyes, skin, and lips, Lush is the number one option for those who want to look gorgeously fine without torturing your complexion. Lush gives tons of options when it comes to cosmetics and the looks you can create are only limited by your imagination. Highlighting your natural features, you will never find another brand that cares about the environment and your skin better than Lush.

What are the best Lush products?

Lush has a vast selection of products, making it a bit overwhelming to choose the best one for your skin. To narrow down your options, here are the best Lush products that are sought-after for their nourishing ingredients that will not only please your skin and hair but also your nose.

  1. Honey I Washed My Hair Shampoo Bar
  2. Angels on Bare Skin Fresh Cleanser
  3. Seanik Shampoo Bar
  4. Rosy Cheeks Fresh Face Mask
  5. Jason and the Argan Oil Shampoo Bar
  6. Big Shampoo
  7. Cupcake Fresh Face Mask
  8. Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub
  9. Mask of Magnaminty
  10. American Cream Hair Conditioner

How do you use a Lush face mask?

To use a Lush fresh face mask, first, clean and dry your face. Then apply a glob of Lush Fresh Face Mask evenly and avoid the eye and mouth area. Let it sit on your face for 5 to 10 minutes and don’t leave it longer to protect your skin’s natural skin oils. Rinse the mask gently with warm water and once your face is dry, you can now apply your favorite toner and face cream.