If you are looking for a brand new wardrobe makeover, why not go the street style way with Macbeth Shirts? Known for their rich heritage in the world of music, Macbeth is the ultimate brand you need in your wardrobe. Know more about Macbeth shirts here.

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Macbeth Shirts – Taking streetwear to a whole new level

In the menswear world today, there is a long crazy obsession with certain brands like A Bathing Ape, Supeme, Stussy, Antisocial Social Club and just anything else that Kanye West touches. And most of the time, the outfit choices is met with confusion, disgust or even apathy from the women who just don’t understand streetwear. At Macbeth (no, not the ancient stage play written by Shakespeare), streetwear defines the brand. But this is not just any type of streetwear that would get you confused stares but the type that is greatly inspired by the love of music, mainly rock music.

Macbeth Philippines, defining streetwear through music

For those who still links Macbeth back to William Shakespeare, please stop! This amazing Southern Californian brand is the brainchild of Tom DeLonge. Of course his name sounds familiar, he is a member of Blink 182, the world’s most famous rock, punk band. With rock music being his main muse, Tom DeLonge assembled a team of talented individuals to develop modern, fashion worthy products that were greatly inspired by the music scene and the action sports lifestyle of the Southern Californian culture.

With great constant collaborative efforts with musicians, athletes and artists, the widest range of different cultures can be clearly seen in Macbeth’s range of products - shoes, apparels and accessories. Incorporating a love for music and the need for something different in a saturated market, Macbeth is able to offer individual with a unique take on fashion, something that would suit their special style and personality. Their fresh approach and contemporary designs infused with classic materials and well-loved materials has been indeed collecting a huge cult following among streetwear lovers and just anyone else who wishes for something out of the ordinary.

Mirror your unique take on fashion with Macbeth Shirts

Here are some reasons why Macbeth is the brand you should invest in with cool, unique shirts that are sure to be your wardrobe staple.

  • A label that clearly defines what music is all about
  • Inspired directly from our exclusive group of artists unlike other brands who simply latch on the current hype.
  • Takes pride in their projects, rather than buying merchandise right to a brand’s name and logo, they work directly with an artist to infuse their artistic personality in each of their products.
  • Involved a truck load of charitable work – Shirts for a Cure, Keep A Breast, Invisible Children.
  • Came out with a vegan line, Macbeth Vegan to support the work against animal cruelty.

Macbeth Shirt, You wardrobe staple

Here are some ways you can incorporate you Macbeth with the rest of your wardrobe.

  • When the weather is dropping, stay stylish and warm by layering up your graphic Macbeth shirt with a hoodie and a pair of denim.
  • If you are heading out to the beach, all you need is a pair of flip-flops, a Macbeth graphic tee and a board shorts. You can jazz up your look with a cap and a pair of shades.
  • Your friend’s wedding is coming up and you have nothing to wear. No worries, a Macbeth plain black tee layered with a jacket and paired with a pair of tailored pants will do the job for you. You can finish your look with a pair of sneakers for the perfect casual look.

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