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Magellan – How to Choose a Handheld GPS

While you can use your own smartphones for GPS navigation, they are still unable to compete with your dedicated handheld GPS in terms of accuracy and performance. Not just that, these powerful tools can withstand all weather conditions. Since there are countless handheld GPS designs in the market, it is understandably hard to choose the one which suits you the most. Before buying your GPS, there are several things that you know. Here are the tips and tricks that you can apply so that you choose the ideal handheld GPS.

Why Smartphone GPS Apps are Poor Choices

As mentioned early, most of us have access to GPS technology through our GPS apps on the smartphones. However, there are many reasons why they make poor choices. Firstly, the dedicated handheld GPS simply have better satellite reception, more powerful navigation features, and bigger battery life than your usual smartphone GPS apps. If you are just walking on well-placed trails or travel with established routes, any regular smartphone GPS apps should be up for the task. However, certain journeys such as road trips or others require the aid of powerful handheld GPS so that you can get the right location and map consistently.

Touchscreen GPS

In the age of smartphones, a touchscreen GPS is probably welcomed because it seems convenient and simple to operate. On the contrary, most touchscreens are resistive and this means that they need a bit more pressure to respond. They do not respond to the slightest touch like the ones on your smartphones.

If you are just hiking or walking, this will not be a problem at all. In situations where you need to use a mount (cycling, driving, or sailing), a non-touchscreen GPS is generally the best option because you will not be able to use the touchscreen GPS unit effectively. The non-touchscreen GPS is also better since you can rely on button interface to operate it well without having to look at it.

Maps & Satellite Imagery for Your Handheld GPS

While a few handheld GPS units come with not a single map, most handheld GPS units have a base map. Despite this, the base maps are always lacking in detail as they only show major locations, cities, and landmarks. In short, you do not expect to find a comprehensive map with key details and information on them.

Some handheld GPS units may include well-detailed road maps or even topo maps. Depending on certain brands and manufacturers, you need to either buy more detailed maps or download from them. Otherwise, you can always get them free from certain free sources online. Another interesting fact that people often overlook is that you can subscribe to manufacturers for satellite and topo maps. In urban areas, satellite imagery is definitely the most helpful visual aid available when you need to find and locate a particular area in a city that is full of buildings and small street.

Substitute for Car GPS

For a start, there will not be any problem for you to use your handheld GPS unit in your car or another vehicle. It will not be like using a dedicated car GPS because your handheld GPS unit usually does not have street maps or call out buttons. At the same time, your handheld GPS unit will work better if there is a car mount or power cord. After spending money to get them, you will realize quickly that you are better off buying a second-hand car GPS unit.

Other Interesting/Important Handheld GPS Features

Electronic Compass

While the GPS satellites know where you are, they are unable to point to your intended destination until you take a few steps as the receiver establishes your direction of travel. A handheld GPS unit with an electronic compass will point the right way while standing still. This incredible feature also means that you do not have to waste walk in figuring out which direction you should face when you have the helpful electronic compass.

Barometric Altimeter

Since GPS satellites are much better at determining your latitude and longitude than elevation, a barometric altimeter feature will be handy indeed. If you live or play in mountainous terrain, you should consider a handheld GPSwith a barometric altimeter for more accurate elevation and ascent readings.

Paperless Geocaching

Handheld GPS units with this feature allow you to download all the details for a geocache right to your unit. These details may includethe description, hint, and recent logs.


Some handheld GPS units have the advantage of not just getting GPS signals, but also the signals from the Russian GLONASS constellation as well. This can result in faster satellite lock, and improved reception in difficult environments such as natural or urban canyons.

Media Options

There are handheld GPS units with cool features such as camera, microphone, and video recorder. These features add more fun and excitement as you can document your adventure or journey. At the same time, you will be able to share your route information with your friends who can use them to make sure that they are on the same track as you. The camera feature means that you do not have to bring your camera to take pictures that will be attached to different waypoints.

Magellan Handheld GPS Units

As one of the most popular GPS navigation brands in the world, Magellan boasts an incredible array of products that deliver promising performance. Its handheld GPS units often feature the latest innovations that make them stand out from the rest. If you are planning for an exciting road trip, Magellan boasts incredibly powerful car GPS units that help you to reach your destination in safer and quicker way. It is highly recommended for you to check out Magellan automotive for powerful car GPS units.