The ever magical Magic: The Gathering card game is the world's first trading card game. Published for the very first time in 1993, it is still going strong and remains one of the best trading card games ever made. Read more about the game here.


Magic: The Gathering Philippines

The magical trading card game, Magic: The Gathering

Published for the first time in 1993 by Wizards of the Coast, an American fantasy and science fiction themed role playing games publisher, Magic: The Gathering marked the birth of an entirely new line of card games: trading card games – or TCG, as many fans and players like to call it.

Magic: The Gathering, also commonly shortened to MTG, or simply just Magic, is the world’s first ever trading card game. Even if it was released many years ago, it still remains as one of the most popular and constantly growing trading card games out there (in 2015 it had approximately 20 million players!).

The card game is commonly played between two or more players of a deck of about 60 different Magic cards at a single time. These printed cards are usually sold in many different packs such as starter decks and expansion sets which come with randomly selected and pre-picked cards. The card game has grown a lot throughout the many years since its inception; and even now it is still constantly growing.

Magic: The Gathering takes place in a fantasy world where wizards known as “planeswalkers” constantly do battle among each other. The battles happen with these “planeswalkers” utilizing devastating magic spells, sacred artifacts, and mystical creatures that are depicted as individual Magic cards. The entire concept draws a lot of influence from traditional role-playing games and their gameplay mechanics.

History of Magic: The Gathering

The magical trading card game was designed by Richard Garfield, who was a doctoral candidate at the University of Pennsylvania. Magic: The Gathering started to truly expand only when the CEO of Wizards of the Coast, Peter Adkinson, met up with Garfield in 1991 to discuss another game called RoboRally. That game was unfortunately unable to be produced because the games company lacked resources; but Adkinson mentioned that he was looking for a portable game that can be played during downtime in gaming conventions, and Garfield brought up Magic: The Gathering.

The game was also not originally called Magic: The Gathering. They simply wanted to call it Magic, but it was too generic a name to be trademarked for a product. After several different names, they finally settled on Magic: The Gathering; during the various playtesting periods, the produces and creators themselves kept called the game Magic, and it stuck. From its release until the current period, the game has had many different revisions and expansions.

Awards received by Magic: The Gathering

Here are some awards the Magic trading card game has received throughout the years, symbolizing how truly unique and successful it has become.

  • 1994: Origins Awards for Best Fantasy or Science Fiction Board game of 1993 and Best Graphic Presentation of a Board game of 1993.
  • 1998: Origins Award for an expansion as Collectible Card Game Expansion of the Year
  • 2003: Made a place in the Games Hall of Fame for Games Magazine
  • 2015: Origins Award for an expansion as Best Collectible Card Game of the Year

Playing Magic: The Gathering in the Philippines

Even being the first trading card game ever made, Magic: The Gathering feature slightly more complicated rules than your typical card game or role-playing game. A typical Magic card game requires two or more players (or “planeswalkers”) doing battle with one another using their very own deck that is made beforehand from their very own collection.

Each player of a Magic game has twenty life points which when depleted, loses the game. They can also lose if they have no more Magic cards to draw from their deck. The winner is the one that is left standing after defeating others; there are also specific Magic cards that specify alternative methods to winning or losing the game, and follows a set of rules to put it into play.

The game starts with players shuffling their Magic card decks and then drawing seven cards from the deck to put them into play during the duration of the game. Players take alternate turns to draw a single card at the beginning of each turn and put into play their choice of cards during their turn.

Magic: The Gathering Online

There are two methods of playing Magic: The Gathering card game, through the use of the traditional printed Magic cards, or through the direct video game adaptation, Magic: The Gathering Online. The game was released in 2002, and allowed many different players to play the game with each other through the Internet. The game is only available on the Microsoft Windows operating system; and like the printed card game, Magic: The Gathering Online still has a strong following with many players and tournaments also going on.