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Magnet Philippines – How to Choose & Buy the Perfect Washing Machine

Whether you like it or not, the ubiquitous washing machine is an important appliance that you should have in your own home or even office. Although some people can always opt for your outside laundry service, the truth is that having your own washing machine is actually a more convenient choice so that you can wash your clothes and get them clothes ready at the time of your own choosing.

Since there is a lot of washing machine brands and manufacturers in the market, it can be very difficult because it can get confusing easily. However, there is a method that can help to solve your problem. Depending on your preferred type, capacity and feature, the washing machine is an awesome machine to have once you have learnt how to choose the one that can serve your needs. Hence, this is a simple guide for you to select the perfect washing machine.

Choose Your Type

Before going to choose your washing machine, there is the type of washing machine that you should decide. Since the washing machine actually comes in either top-loading or front-loading type, you need to select the one which fits your preference. For top-loading type, it is favored because it is very affordable and consume less water at the same time. Amazingly, it also provides larger capacity for those that have a big load. The top-loading enjoys faster cycle time during washing. Instead of waiting, you can even add more clothes in the middle of cycle. However, it can generate a lot of lint since there is a lot of friction going on during the wash. Not just that, it also creates loud noise that can be annoying.

The front-loading type enjoys better spin speed that leads to a more efficient drying. Moreover, it also more cycle options that help you to be more flexible during washing. Compared to top-loading, it creates less lint as well as noise. Despite its advantages, the front-loading still have smaller capacity and are more expensive. In fact, you can spoil it easily when you have overloaded it. In short, the battle between top-loading and front-loading is like comparing straight and curly hair since each contains advantages that offset other. Generally, choosing the type of your washing machine also depends on the location that you want to place your washing machine. Basically, you will prefer the one that can fit well with your floor plan and space.

Decide Your Size

When you opt for bigger washing machines, they typically stand taller than the standard 27 inches. Even then, you still have to prepare for extra 6 inches especially behind the washing machine so that you are able to connect with the water and power conveniently. This must be done without any of them can interfere with each other (water and electricity do not end well together). Obviously, you need to make sure that the door can allow your washing machine to pass through it without much trouble. This is because most people make the common mistake of assuming that their doors allow the washing machine to fit through. The end result is that you have to waste energy and time to make sure it can go through; it is a really harrowing experience.

If your washing machine can generate loud noise, you should not put it near the family room or the bedroom. Needless to say, the consequence is obvious because you do not want to get annoyed or distracted by the washing machine. While modern technology and innovation mean that your washing machine can generate less vibration and noise, it is best for you to take no chances because you will get haunted by it when it becomes less efficient in the long run.

Features that Turn the World Upside Down

The beauty of washing machines these days is that they now come with many great features that can transform your lifestyle dramatically. Without exaggerating, some washing machine models possess the steam setting. It enables the stain on your clothes to be removed easily. Besides, some of the handy features include the automatic dispensers. They are designed to dispense detergent, bleach and fabric softener at the precise moment. Incredibly, some models can store up to several months' worth of usage.

Another great feature is the amazing automatic temperature control. If you are worry or lazy about mixing hot and cold water in preset proportions, this great feature will help you to control and adjust the water to the optimal temperature for the selected setting. The other feature is the extra rinse cycle which can even remove pet hair and other stubborn messes from your clothes. Not just that, it can remove any detergent residue if your skin is allergic to them.

Nowadays, the washing machine has the new stainless steel tub that can withstand higher and powerful spin speed so that you can enjoy more efficient washing and drying. Finally, the end-of-cycle signal is another important feature that tells you the exact time for you to move your clean laundry to the dryer. Thanks to this feature, you do not have to worry about stopping your washing machine prematurely just to make sure that everything is done. While having all of these amazing features is definitely a good thing, this also means you must prepare to pay for high-end washing machine in order to enjoy them.

Magnet Philippines Washing Machines

It is said that a good washing machine should last about 10 years even when proper maintenance. Some of the exceptional models can even last up to 13 years. This is where Magnet washing machines can save your dirty laundry for a very long time because they are built to last and can withstand bigger loads. Most importantly, they emphasize the true meaning of energy efficiency so that you can pay less water and energy bill while getting the work done.