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M.A.K Hobbies

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M.A.K e Me an Instrument of Your Peace
₱ 1,804.00

Kent Nerburn's Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace, immerses us in the spirit of one of the most universally inspiring figures in history: St. Francis of Assisi. The Prayer of St. Francis boldly but gently challenges us to resist the forces of evil and negativity with the spirit of goodwill and generosity. And Nerburn shows, in his wonderfully personal and humble way, how we each can live out the prayer's prescription for living in our everyday and less-than-saintly lives. "Where there is hatred, let me sow love...Where there is injury, let me sow pardon..." Expanding upon each line of the St. Francis Prayer, Nerburn shares touching, inspiring stories from his own experience and that of others and reveals how each of us can make a difference for good in ordinary ways without being heroes or saints. Struggling to help a young son comfort his best friend when his mother dies, moved by the courage of war enemies who reconcile, being wrenched out of self-absorbed depression by responding to someone else's tragedy, taking a spirited old lady on a farewell taxi ride through her town-these are the kinds of everyday moments in which Nerburn finds we can live out the spirit of St. Francis. By incorporating the power and grace of these few lines of practical idealism into our thoughts and deeds, we can begin to ease our own suffering-and the suffering of those with whom we share our lives. And, remarkably, find a way to true peace and happiness by tapping into our basic human goodness. As we open our hearts and embrace his words, St. Francis "touches our deepest humanity and ignites the spark of our divinity." Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace. Where there is hatred let me sow love, Where there is injury let me sow pardon, Where there is doubt, faith, Where there is despair, hope, Where there is darkness, light, And where there is sadness, joy... In this beautifully written book, Kent Nerburn leads us into the heart of the St. Francis Prayer and line by line demonstrates how St. Francis's words can resonate in our lives today.

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M.A.K ing Money Creating Websites with WebPlus X4
₱ 1,683.00

Need some extra money? Who doesn't? With this DVD you will learn how to make money creating websites with a software selling for less than $40 on Amazon. No experience is needed. With this DVD and the access to the support forum that comes along with purchase you will be creating websites before you know it. Everyone needs a website in today's world; the market is huge. Are you tired of worrying about bills? Worry no more!!! For the price of a pizza with 2 toppings you will learn everything you need to start a new life working for yourself. 50 Chapters on Disk: How to Use This DVD, Budget for Business, Making Money with WebPlus X4, Website Terminology, Domain Names, Opening Screen, Page Properties, Importing Web Pages, Using Design Templates, Changing Color Scheme, Anatomy of Web Structure, Previewing Site, WebPlus X4 Layout, Adding Images, Resources for Free Images, Adjusting Images, Cropping Images, Adding Text, Adjusting Text, Creating Headers, Adding Pages, Adding a Navigation Bar, HTML, Inserting HTML Coding, Adding a Photo Gallery, Inserting Video, Embedding Sound, Inserting a Search Field, Creating Anchors for Hyperlinks, Inserting an RSS Feed, Adding a Music File, Inserting Animation and Flash, Inserting a Google Map, Web Hosting, Creating E-Mail Accounts, Setting up an Autoresponder, Inserting Forms, Pencil Tool, Creating Freehand Designs, Adding Documents to Site, Inserting a Calendar, Inserting Hot Spots, Inserting Shape Inserts, Page Password Protection, Adding Smart Objects, Adding Polls to Your Site, Adding a Hit Counter, Monetizing Site, Terms and Conditions and Privacy, Policy & Publishing Site All the videos on this disk are super high resolution computer screen movies, far superior than you'd get on a normal DVD. For that reason, this disc can be viewed on any computer DVD drive, but not on DVD drives attached to TV sets. This DVD also contains access to a FREE support forum.

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M.A.K ing Love to God
₱ 1,995.00

Because you do not accept what you are, an immortal being having a creative experience with body, you cannot find that which you seek so desperately. Your misteachings about sexuality and God keep you from integrating sexual energies with God energies in any meaningful way, and so the path to heaven on earth through blissful sexual union eludes you to a great extent. The sexual energies of the ego are leading you to a dark and dangerous precipice, and we wish to call you back - back to love and the loving, kind, fulfilling, and glorifying expressions of spiritual love, your true salvation. We are here to teach the way to divine bliss, and we know you are scared - scared to lie naked caressing your lover with rapt attention and honor. We know you are scared to kiss and kiss and connect, to feel such deep connection and pleasure that the ego starts to get very nervous, sensing the threat to the wellguarded and limited access to your heart that it deems to be safe. We have never seen more hurt and lonely people anywhere than on this planet at the moment. You are all in such a state that we have come from far and wide, from different times and places, to teach you how to relieve the deep suffering you are in. And indeed, it is in the bedroom, in your relationship to yourself, your lover, and God, that these hurts began. You cannot lead a passionless day and have a passion-filled night; it will not happen. Give love all day, and you will be guaranteed to receive love all night. The divine sexual experience connects you, God, and your lover - if you have one - together in a divine dance of bliss. - Ananda through Tina Louise Spalding Topics Include: How We Came to Misunderstand Sexual Energy Using Divine Sex Energy Specific Steps and Sensations Blocks to Transformation A Transformed View of Sex and Sexual Energy Following the Path to Transformation Reaping the Harvest

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M.A.K ing It (NYRB Classics)
₱ 1,405.00

A controversial memoir about American intellectual life and academia and the relationship between politics, money, and education. Norman Podhoretz, the son of Jewish immigrants, grew up in the tough Brownsville section of Brooklyn, attended Columbia University on a scholarship, and later received degrees from the Jewish Theological Seminary and Cambridge University. Making It is his blistering account of fighting his way out of Brooklyn and into, then out of, the Ivory Tower, of his military service, and finally of his induction into the ranks of what he calls “the Family,” the small group of left-wing and largely Jewish critics and writers whose opinions came to dominate and increasingly politicize the American literary scene in the fifties and sixties. It is a Balzacian story of raw talent and relentless and ruthless ambition. It is also a closely observed and in many ways still-pertinent analysis of the tense and more than a little duplicitous relationship that exists in America between intellect and imagination, money, social status, and power. The Family responded to the book with outrage, and Podhoretz soon turned no less angrily on them, becoming the fierce neoconservative he remains to this day. Fifty years after its first publication, this controversial and legendary book remains a riveting autobiography, a book that can be painfully revealing about the complex convictions and needs of a complicated man as well as a fascinating and essential document of mid-century American cultural life.

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M.A.K e Your Own Diagnostic Equipment (MYODE)
₱ 2,591.00

Make Your Own Diagnostic Equipment (MYODE) This book, “Make Your Own Diagnostic Equipment” came about from the need of many readers and viewers to be able to make and maintain fairly simple diagnostic gadgets. It is meant to show and guide the professional technician and DIY mechanic on how to make these gadgets. In many cases, due to the nature of the equipment industry, it is very expensive or virtually impossible to get these tools. The reason being is that often times tool makers don’t see a profit in making these simple but effective gadgets. Most, if not all of these tools, are invaluable in diagnosing modern automotive systems. You can estimate that having one of these tools, at the right time when needed, will cut your diagnostic time by at least 50%. Of course, knowing how to use it is also important. However, by definition if you’ve already studied how the gadget works, how to build it an also ended up building it yourself, you’ve already passed the learning curve and chances are you’ll know how to use it. At the very least, reading this book will put you in a much better position to also asses diagnostic issues and on the use of other important tools of automotive diagnostics. It is our hope with this work to enlighten the professional and DIY mechanic on the use, construction and operation of modern automotive diagnostic gadgets. Use this information to the beast of your abilities and be on the diagnostic driver seat. Table of Contents • Automotive Low Pressure Transducer • Building the Low Pressure Transducer • Using the Low Pressure Transducer • Polarity LED Test Light • Using the Polarity LED Test Light • Stress Loaded Test Light • Using the Stress Loaded Test Light • Building the Stress Loaded Test Light • Fuel-Pump Relay & the Stress Loaded Test Light • Dual Polarity & 5 Volt Reference Test Light • Amplified Sensor Tester • Injector & Coil Magnetic Detector • Fuel Injector Pulser • ECM-ECU Memory Saver Tool • Loaded Injector Noid Light • Using the Loaded Injector Noid Light • 5 Volt Reference Simulator • Parasitic Draw Amp Meter • Using the Parasitic Draw Amp Meter • Fuse Voltage Drop Short Identifier • How to Use the Fuse Voltage Drop Short Identifier • Ignition Primary DIS - COP Probe • How to Use the Ignition Primary DIS Probe • Drive-By-Wire Motor Actuator Controller • How to Use the Drive-By-Wire Actuator Controller • Ignition Key Transponder Detector • Using the Ignition Key Transponder Detector • Magnetic Sensor Induction Simulator • Using the Magnetic Sensor Induction Simulator • O2 Sensor Simulator • Using the O2 Sensor Simulator • ABS Speed Sensor Simulator • Using the ABS Speed Sensor Simulator • ABS Speed Sensor Simulator, Bleeding the Brakes • Optical CAM and CRANK Sensor Simulator • Using the Optical CAM and CRANK Sensor Simulator • OBD-2 Data Link Connector Breakout Box • Using the OBD-2 DLC Breakout Box

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M.A.K ing Her Mark

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 Many consumers would choose M.A.K Hobbies that are White, Silver and Red for a more stylish, modern look. We offer a wide range of M.A.K Hobbies with discounts of up to 62%! Some of the best M.A.K Hobbies are ing Her Mark, e 'em Like It and ing Rounds With Oscar If you are not sure about having M.A.K Hobbies, you might want to check out the products from louis will, gu and ge. On iPrice Philippines, you can find your ideal M.A.K Hobbies for as low as ₱ 360.00 up to as much as ₱ 47,010.00. iPrice Philippines has a wide range of M.A.K Hobbies that would suit your needs.