Makeup accessories such as brushes and a carrying case are essential items for any makeup artist or amateur. Aside from having makeup palettes and pigments, these makeup accessories are essential to the whole process. Read more about holy-grail accessories that every fanatic should have.

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Makeup Accessories that every Makeup Fanatic Should have

Like fashion, makeup trends come and go but never its accessories. These items are like the life of every makeup artist whether you are professional or an amateur. It helps apply makeup evenly, makes it easier, and creates daring looks that you can never achieve. Below are just some items that you should always have in your beauty bag.

Makeup Brush Set

Perhaps the most important makeup accessory in this list, a makeup brush set is crucial for any makeup artist. MUAs don't use just one brush but a selection of brushes, each with their own set of functions in applying makeup. Like a painter with a blank canvas, a makeup artist creates an image using a variety of brushes for different strokes that would suit their need. Here are some brushes that you should have in your brush set:

  • Foundation brush - Great for applying liquid and powder foundations. Foundation brushes
  • Stippling brush - Another brush used for your base, a stippling brush has a flat top for evenly spreading out foundation.
  • Angled face brush - Great for contouring and sometimes applying blush.
  • Fluffy Face brush - For taking off loose powder after baking.
  • Fan brush - For applying highlighter on the cheeks.
  • Eyeshadow brushes - For applying different layers of eyeshadow, packing, and detailing them to create a look. There are several types of eyeshadow brushes:
    • Eyeshadow detailer brush
    • Eyeshadow packing brush
    • Eyeshadow angled brush
    • Eyeliner brush

Eyelash Curlers

Created solely to curl the eyelash and prime them for falsies, eyelash curlers can be a little bit intimidating but are an essential tool to achieve the look that you want. To use an eyelash curler, slip your hands on the handles, put your lashes between the "pincher" and curl away! Make sure that you don't hold it in too tight, otherwise, you could lose all your lashes!

Oil Blotting Paper

Wearing your makeup all day makes your skin oily due to the amount of product that's on your skin. Thankfully, oil blotting papers are there to the rescue! Oil blotting papers absorb excess oil from your skin, allowing you to retouch your makeup without pancaking it together with other layers. Oil blotting paper helps you get rid of extra sweat and dirt that are on your skin while you are wearing your makeup.

Makeup Sponges

Makeup sponges have revolutionized the way we apply makeup. Take the Beauty Blender, for example, makeup artists and gurus now consider this sponge as the holy grail of their makeup collections. Makeup sponges make blending easier, especially if you are using liquid and cream products. Aside from that, angled sponges also aid in applying loose powders to bake and contour.

Carrying Case/ Makeup Bag

Ideally, you would want to look as amazing as possible with your makeup on but sadly, that is usually not the case. Retouching your look is necessary for it to look flawless. To do that, you need to carry all your makeup essentials with you, that is why you need a specialized makeup bag or a carrying case. This type of bag has specialized compartments that would help you carry all your essential makeup needs!

Grab these awesome makeup accessories today!