Sometimes, brushes aren’t enough to properly give you the makeup look that you want. For extra precision and even coverage, beauty gurus are using makeup sponges to make their glow up process a breeze. Add makeup sponges to your cosmetics collection so you can maximize your slayage.

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All You Need to Know About Makeup Sponges in the Philippines

Nowadays, makeup sponges are no stranger to beauty enthusiasts and professional makeup artists. This cosmetics tool is used in a variety of ways from applying foundation to applying your contour more precisely and accurately.

Different Shapes of Makeup Sponges

There are four main shapes of makeup sponges that are available in the market today: teardrop, pear, spade, and sculptor. Each of these shapes are meant to be used for different purposes. For instance, teardrop makeup sponges, the most common shape, is meant for applying foundation or any other base makeup. Pear-shaped makeup sponges serve a similar purpose but it provides a better grip. If you have to apply full-coverage or heavy base makeup, the sculptor is your best tool. Lastly, use the spade makeup sponge to apply concealer on hard to reach places.

How to Apply Makeup Using Makeup Sponges

You can use the makeup sponge in a couple of different ways. For a dewy, lightweight base makeup look, you can run the makeup sponge under the water, squeeze the excess water out, and use it while it’s slightly damp. For a full-coverage base makeup, you can use the makeup sponge when it’s dry.

You can apply the makeup products directly onto the makeup sponge or use your hand as a palette and then dip the makeup sponge into the dollop of foundation sitting on your hand. Stipple, not rub, the makeup product onto the face until you have evenly covered your entire face.

How to Clean Your Makeup Sponges

It’s recommended that you clean your makeup sponges after every time you apply makeup. You can simply rinse the makeup sponge with water until all the cosmetics residue is gone. Then, simply air dry your makeup sponges on a clean cloth or tissue paper. However, if you want to do a thorough cleanse, you can use a makeup brush cleaner or soap to wash away all the stubborn residue.

The Best Makeup Sponge Brands

There are many brands out there that carry their own makeup sponges but only a few stands out due to their quality, durability, and ease of usage.


This brand was the pioneer that started it all; BeautyBlender makeup sponges rose to prominence because it could spread base makeup products evenly for both a lightweight look and a full-coverage look. After BeautyBlender rose in popularity, other brands soon followed suit in creating their own versions of makeup sponges.

Real Techniques

The makeup sponges from Real Techniques are more affordable than those from BeautyBlender but they work just the same. The only difference is that Real Technique sponges have a slanted, flat side for to help contour around the eyes and nose.


This silicone makeup sponge is revolutionary; there won’t hardly be any makeup residue left on the sponge and you can easily clean it just by rinsing it with water. The Silisponge silicone makeup sponge is non-porous, see-through, and will last longer than the typical makeup sponge.

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