Any makeup lover would agree that your look will not be complete without eyeliner. Even if you’re aiming for that natural look, a little bit of these babies goes a long way. Especially with liquid eyeliner, you can really let your creativity loose. Read the guide here to know more about liquid eyeliner.

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How to Perfect That Cat Eye with Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner may seem daunting to beauty beginners because of its notoriety that it cannot be easily removed. While a part of that statement is true, using liquid eyeliner is easy to master. It only takes a lot of practice and a stable hand-control until you can create light and bold eye makeup looks.

The most popular eye makeup style these days is the cat eye where you need to finish your liner with an outward flick or wing. This style is suitable and flattering for any eye shapes. To achieve the perfect cat eye and a symmetrical wing, these are the steps you need to do.

First, finish applying your eyeshadows because applying shadows after putting on the liner will alter the clarity of your cat eye. To make it easier, draw short lines starting from the middle of the upper lid. This will act as your guide and you can just easily connect the lines. The width and thickness of the upper lid line is up to you; those with hooded lids and monolids may want to apply a thicker line to make their eyes seem bigger.

Once you’ve applied the upper lid line, you can proceed onwards to create the flick. Draw a line outward from the last lash; the angle and length also depend on your preference. After drawing the flick, draw a line to connect the wing and the upper lid line. Fill it if needed and cover up any errors with a touch of concealer. Finish the eye look with a coat of mascara or false eyelashes.

Best Liquid Eyeliners

If you want to achieve the best cat eye or winged eyeliner look, invest in some good quality liquid eyeliner. Look for those that won’t crack, peel off, or smudge after a prolonged wear. Here are the best liquid eyeliners that any makeup lovers with any proficiency levels should consider in getting.

  • Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid – This liner is perfect for those living in humid areas; it won’t smudge even if you wear it for 8 or more hours.
  • L’Oreal Paris Super Liner Perfect Slim – The Super Liner Perfect Slim has an ultra-fine tapered tip, perfect for those looking for extra precision.
  • Clinique Pretty Easy Liquid Eyelining Pen – This Pretty Easy liner is indeed pretty easy to use; the tip is stiff so you can make that perfect straight line.
  • NYX Cosmetics Matte Liquid Liner – While most liners have a little sheen after you apply them, the NYX liner gives you a matte black finish.

Get on with the trends and start drawing winged liners with liquid eyeliner now! On iPrice, you can find top makeup brands and still save a couple of bucks with our great, exclusive discount offers.

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