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Makeup enhances women’s beauty effortlessly without a single doubt. While it may take a makeup ‘wizard’ like Michelle Phan to turn a human being into Final Fantasy characters, a simple makeup look is much easier for anyone of us to follow. A beauty queen always needs a flawless Foundation, so let’s start from here.

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Understand your skin condition to choose the perfect foundation type

Just as important as choosing the tone that matches your skin colour, knowing which type of foundation that suits your skin condition is crucial to anyone. Before kicking-off your makeup haul, perhaps you might want to thoroughly read up on this simple explanation of different makeup foundations and their suitability to your skin.

Liquid or Cream Foundation

This is the most basic type of foundation. It offers fuller coverage with extra moisturizing effect that simultaneously hydrating dry skin. You can choose from oil free, oil based or waterproof liquid foundation formulas. Generally, this selection is best for dry or combined complexion (dry and oily). Those with oily skin but still prefer liquid foundation can choose the matte-finish type to prevent the unwanted spotlights on the face.

When applying liquid foundation, it is recommended to avoid thick layer as it will give negative effect like cakey, artificial look. So for a simple no-makeup makeup appearance, a light foundation will still do wonders.

A few points to consider when shopping for a liquid foundation:

  1. Smooth texture and light-weight coverage
  2. The foundation is blended seamlessly and effortlessly using sponge or brush
  3. Effective oil-control that ensures shine-free skin

Tinted Moisturizers

If you possess a naturally spotless skin (congratulation!), tinted moisturizer is all you need to create a sheer foundation that is becoming very popular amongst Korean beauties. It will help to enhance the perfection of your complexion and provide a youthful look for the perfect casual makeup. With its light and almost invisible base, you won’t have to worry about choosing the exact foundation that will match your skin tone.

Powder Foundation

It is also known as compact foundation which is normally used by women who are always on the go for its versatility. This type of foundation base is a bit tricky as it will either make oily skin become clumpy or absorb moisture from dry skin. If you have combined complexion, powder foundation wouldn’t be a bad choice though.

The good side of powder foundation is its smooth and silky like texture. The glowing effect will be a big plus if you are applying makeup for an evening party. It also makes a good finish to your sun screen layer to reduce the oily shine.

Cream to Powder Foundation

As suggested by its name, this type of foundation is ideal for those who prefer the smoothness and sheer touch of both types. The matte finish is what makes this type a popular choice for those who only require a very light makeup look.

It is also available in a stick form for more convenience. It helps to refine your skin effortlessly and extremely simple to apply. But do bear in mind that stick foundation is rather thick and it sets faster than other types so blending it out on your skin can be troublesome.

Quick tips to make foundation work for you

While there are many makeup brands that offer much longer foundation durability as well as premium effects, it is important for you to also make a little effort to enhance the power of foundation.

Before applying any layer of makeup, always condition your complexion to give it necessary protection. Simply clean your skin thoroughly then use lotion to dap onto your skin evenly to give it a firmer look and also to control excessive oil.

Do minimize the amount of foundation applied to stay away from an artificial heavy makeup look.

For liquid foundation, you can keep it last longer just by following this simple trick: use the other side of the sponge (without the cream) to gently press your skin to first remove oil and then pat face powder around areas like your nose and under the eyes where makeup tends to run off faster.

You can find all the prominent makeup brands for the best foundation choice such as Bobbi Brown Foundation, Shu Uemura Foundation, NARS Foundation among others.

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