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Plumpers for Women in the Philippines

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Jessie Saxton Lip Plumper Device Tool Soft Silicone For Women and Girls Quick Full Lips Enhancer
₱ 2,094.00

Lip Plumper Tool Enhancers are designed using self-suction. Self-suction allows the user to control the level of enhancement to create a better lip line and overall lip fullness. How To The Quick Steps To Use Lips Plumper Device Step 1: Clean your lip pump, and then wet the area around your mouth with moisturizer. This moisture is not necessary but may help establish tighter suction, wish is key to a good result. Step2: Position your lip pump head over your lip area, compress the pump to expel air, then release. Hold lightly in place, let your lips relax into the lip pump. While the pump is compressed, pucker and wiggle your lips as far and deep into the lip pump as possible. Position your upper and lower lips between the middle platform. Step 3: you also begin to suck short puffs of air out the lip pump, you should feel a gentle pulling; continue until solid suction is established and the lip pump is holding suction, but comfortable around your mouth. The amount of time for leaving the pump on varies per individual, so begin with 15-20 second increments. It is better to hold a gentle, but solid suction, than it is to create a hard suction. Step 4: If you lose suction, repeat with step 2 and 3.the time should not exceed 3-5 minutes.If your suction is not strong enough and the lip pump falls off your lips, repeat until you achieve the perfect suction. The major reason why the lip pump falls off is that your lips and the skin surrounding the lips are not pushed deep enough into the mouth-piece and you did not create a good suction. Try again. Practice makes better! How To Care And Conservation After use, please wash your lip pump with water. Put your product in a clean, refreshing place. PACKING: 2 in 1 oval & round shape NOTE: This is not a toy, please put it far from the children. If you have trouble contact us, we can help!

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