From simple power tools for home improvements to specialized gardening tools, Makita proves that it has an impressive arsenal of power tools at your disposal. Read about Makita Philippines here.

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Top Makita Price List 2021

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Makita HP1630 Hammer Drill ₱ 1,098.00 Shopee
Makita DUR187UZ Grass Cutter ₱ 9,708.00 Lazada
Makita 9553B Angle Grinder ₱ 980.00 Shopee
Makita DF330D Cordless Drill Set ₱ 1,050.00 Shopee
Makita 3612BR Router ₱ 354.00 Lazada
Makita M9202M Orbital Sander ₱ 2,999.00 Shopee
Makita 6412 Electric Hand Drill ₱ 799.00 Lazada
Makita 9556HN Angle Grinder ₱ 110.00 Shopee
Makita DTS141 Cordless Impact Wrench ₱ 3,299.00 Shopee
Makita 9523B Grinder ₱ 788.00 Shopee
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Makita HP1630 Hammer Drill

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Makita Philippines - Superior Power Tools For Consumers & Professionals

Tools have came a long way from traditional hammers, manual drills and saws. To cope with great demands for faster, stronger and more efficient power tools, Makita Philippines offers the best products for consumers and professionals alike. Founded in 1915 by Mosaburo Makita in Nagoya Japan, the brand kicked off with selling and repairing lighting fixtures, transformers, motors, and small construction equipment. Looking for faster and safer alternatives, the company developed a 6500D battery-powered drill in 1969 - a revolutionary feat which is the first of its kind. From there, the company quickly gained traction through various innovations, incorporating cutting-edge technology in tool making. Today, Makita is one of the most recognized power tools manufacturers around the world and operates across different countries including Brazil, Canada, China, Mexico, Romania, Germany and the United States, employing over 13,000 individuals across the globe. When it comes to exceptional power tools that can carry the day, Makita tools are engineered for excellent performance.

Makita Philippines - Making Of History

Being the first Japanese company that made and sold electric planers in 1958, Makita has already been pioneering several key innovations since its establishment in 1915. Originally founded as a an electric motor sales and repair company, Makita subsequently started to sell and repair transformers and lighting equipment. Later, Makita exported its electric generators and motors to the Soviet Union in 1938. As mentioned earlier, Makita was the first Japanese company that sold electric planers with its first batch of 1000 units that transformed how the carpenters work in their trade. In the following year, Makita has emerged as an electric power tool manufacturer after realizing that it could have done more in providing such helpful instruments that could save more time and increase productivity at the same time. Within a decade, Makita has been exporting its tools to various countries as well as coming out with its first rechargeable power tool, the Makita 6500D battery-powered drill.

In 1997, Makita showcased its new rechargeable driver-drill, Makita 6213D which was its first nickel hydride battery tool at the Chicago Hardware Show. Never be the one that would rest on its laurels, Makita then released Makita TD130D, the first lithium ion battery tool. Slowly but surely, Makita founded its own companies and factories in several countries in order to meet the growing demands of its popular products. Having released and developed over 450 personal and industrial use power tools in more than a century, Makita is one of the established brands that provide exceptional power tools.

Makita Philippines - The Tools Of The Trade

Makita has a long history of creating and innovating tools for consumers and professionals. With over 100 years of industry experience, the company knows exactly what their customers want in terms of convenience, safety and usability. Each of their products is designed and constructed with the finest materials, making it last longer than conventional brands. Another reason why you should choose Makita Philippines is its superior battery technology, increasing its capacity and decreasing its charge time. Rigorous and extensive testing has also been done to ensure the safety and durability of all products from Makita, making it a brand of choice for many professionals worldwide.

How Does Makita Define Quality

Talking about quality, Makita is strict when it comes to producing power tools that can do their jobs without much trouble. In order to make this possible, Makita intentionally uses only high grade materials for its motors, wiring and other essential machinery. For example, Makita uses high quality steel armature shafts and gears in all of its power tools. As a result, these power tools become longer lasting in their usage as they do not breakdown easily. As for the wiring, Makita uses only 97% pure magnetic copper wire in its motors and this allows its products to be able to perform well even under extreme heat. Normally, the extreme heat will cause your tool to slowdown significantly or in worst cases, breakdown. However, the durability of its wiring means that Makita tools can do their jobs despite under extreme heat. Makita also uses high grade magnetic steel in all of its products to achieve the most optimum rate in the flow of electrical current, ensuring your power tools to work in 100% efficiency as they enjoy efficient power supply.

Dedicated in making sure that its products are able to work to the fullest of their capabilities, Makita runs 19 quality checks on every model before releasing and shipping it. As if that is not enough, Makita goes as far as to conduct another 3 minutes final run test to ensure that its tools are able to give spectacular performances as expected. Moreover, Makita continues to push its tools to their limits whenever possible in order to rectify any weaknesses. Such dedication can be found in Makita's heritage as a repairer and restorer of tools. As all of these tests are crucial in maintaining the quality and performance of its products, Makita wants its products to be able to deliver the quality as advertised. In other words, you will be surprised to find out that you are able to experience that amazing performance shown by Makita products in your own eyes.

Makita Tools - Power. Precision. Performance.

Ranging from the simple power drill to industrial grade power tools, Makita has been manufacturing an astonishing array of power tools that are well regarded by its users for being simple and reliable. Amazingly, Makita even describe its power tools as easy to use that you actually have the free time to do the things you love after finishing your job. In fact, many of its products have garnered awards from famous publications such as Fine Homebuilding Magazine, Popular Science, Popular Woodworking, Popular Science and Popular Mechanics. All Makita power tools boast incredible traits such as mechanical efficiency and surge durability, making them to be show powerful performance while being safe to use at the same time. Not only that, Makita products are cost effective for their top performances and excellent build qualities. Among all Makita products, these are the popular Makita power tools that people love to use:

  • Makita Demoliton Hammer
  • Makita Drill
  • Makita Planer
  • Makita Rotary Hammer
  • Makita Screwdriver

Maximize Your Performance With Makita Philippines

Whether you are just amateur, enthusiast or professional, Makita power tools are developed to be simple and safe to use. Not only that, Makita tools are durable and can take a lot of punishments. Despite its simple designs, Makita tools can maximize your performance and elevate your workmanship into another next level. Take a look at the awesome Makita home improvement collection when you require more specialized tools in improving your home!