Marks and Spencer (M&S) is a leading British retailer that provides millions of customers worldwide with high-quality, affordable food, clothes, and homeware. They have been in a relationship with the Philippines market for almost 20 years and they already have 22 Marks & Spencer stores in the Philippines - 15 in Metro Manila and 7 in different provinces.

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Marks & Spencer Philippines - Product Review and FAQ

Marks and Spencer Most Popular Products

M&S was already popular with its exceptional quality and stylish collection for men's and women's clothes. At the heart of Marks & Spencer's clothing offering is thoughtful and wearable design, which celebrates elegance and high attention to detail with an amazing collection that lasts. All M&S collections are planned and produced in London by a team of professional international in-house designers. Each season, they develop trendy, wearable, and greater collections with useful technologies that are ideal for all wardrobes.

Not only that, but they also provide outstanding high standard food at such an affordable price. M&S Food is well-known for setting the standard for quality and creativity. To remain at the cutting edge of food innovation, a London-based team of food technologists and product creators is constantly spotting emerging trends and designing new delicious foods and drink items for consumers to enjoy. Marks & Spencer, as a nutritional specialist, is also committed to using the highest quality and responsibly sourced ingredients in all of its unique items, including switching to 100 percent Fairtrade Tea and Coffee in 2006 and using only free-range eggs in all of its foods ranges since 2002.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you order online from Marks and Spencer?

Yes, you can. M&S do sell their product from clothing, beauty and food product online. You can visit their official website to purchase any of their items and if you want some discount for their product you can visit the iPrice website to check out some coupons.

Do Marks Spencer deliver internationally?

M&S does deliver internationally but they apply for clothing and homeware products only. For products other than that such as beauty and furniture, they do not deliver it internationally but you can get those items on your local M&S websites or stores. Delivery internationally will usually have an extra charge for taxes or import duty that you need to pay so please bear that in your mind before ordering it.

How do I order from M&S?

You can visit M&S's official website or their official carrier to place an order. You just need to register yourself and simply place your order. They do deliver all of their product but not every product are eligible to be delivered internationally.