Whether you're a musician or a sound enthusiast, you would know that Marshall is one of the best brands you can get. From amplifiers, headphones, earphones, and other music accessories, Marshall gives you only the best. Check out the best Marshall products in the Philippines or read more about the brand below.

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Marshall Stockwell ₱ 5,291.09 Shopee
Marshall Acton ₱ 9,980.00 Lazada
Marshall Woburn ₱ 26,000.00 Amazon
Marshall Major II ₱ 1,041.00 Lazada
Marshall Stanmore ₱ 13,000.00 Lazada
Marshall Kilburn Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker ₱ 7,500.39 Lazada
Marshall Acton Black ₱ 9,980.00 Lazada
Marshall Major II Black ₱ 3,690.00 LazMall by Lazada
Marshall Mode EQ ₱ 759.36 Lazada
Marshall Stanmore Black ₱ 29,951.00 Galleon
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Marshall Stockwell

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Products from Marshall that Every Musician Should Check Out

If you’re a fan of music or better yet good music, then you would be familiar with this name – Marshall. As a leading brand in audiovisual technology, Marshall has a following of elite musicians and audio connoisseurs. Now Marshall Philippines brings this technology closer to home. More commonly known for their speakers and amplifiers, Marshall also boasts quality in headphones and other music accessories. Evolving with the audio industry, Marshall has taken on the world with its love for sound and put in serious research into perfecting the world of audio technology to what it is today.

You don’t have to be a rockstar to enjoy the best of Marshall Philippines. Of course, an appreciation for fine music and a quality sound system helps. Marshall’s range of products caters to not only the sound connoisseur but also musicians of all genres. Below are just some of the many products that every musician or music enthusiast should check out. =

Marshall Headphones

Headphones can be categorized into 3 main categories – in-ear, on-ear, over-the-ear. Each style depends on the user’s preferences. Some people prefer a less bulky model, they’ll go for the in-ear headphone series. Some who enjoy noise cancellation will prefer the over-the-ear models. Here are some Marshall headphone models that dominate the headphone market in the recent years:

Monitor Steel Edition

Customized with a Felt Treble Filter system (FTF) the Monitor Steel Edition allows for studio quality sound. A detachable cord that comes with a microphone and remote enable you to take calls while listening to your music. These headphones are also collapsible for easy storage.

Major II Edition

Coated in a vinyl finish on top and a soft ear cushion padding, you’ll feel the comfort typical of Marshall headphones. Both sides of the headphones have cord plugins so you have the liberty to choose which side you prefer to wear it.

Dressed in Black Mode

These headphones are the in-ear ones that for the specific user. Interchangeable sleeve sizes allow for flexibility of a custom fit. These series come in the signature Marshall black colour, hence the name Black Mode. Much like the other headphones, it also comes with a microphone and remote.

Marshall Speakers

Marshall Speakers can be categorized into 4 which are: Loud, Louder, and Portable. Each category caters to a select user. Let’s look at some of the categories and choices of speakers for you.


Under the Loud category, there are two main speakers – Action Black and Action Cream. Similar in specs, these speakers give a balanced audio boosting and deep powerful bass. While the Action Black comes in (you guessed it!) black color, the Action Cream comes in a beige color. There are 3 custom analogue knobs for precision fine-tuning while a 3.5mm plug input and double-ended cable gives a modern take to it. These speakers also allow for Bluetooth connectivity for easier access.


The Louder category comes with 4 variants. Each variant is a different color from the other. There is Stanmore Black, Staromnmore Cream, Stanmore Brown and Stanmore Pitch Black. The only difference between these variants is the color. Sporting the authentic Marshall design, these variants have the standard 3.5mm input and double ended cable and Bluetooth connectivity much like the previous category. It also comes with 2 standby modes for efficient power-saving.


4 variants of speakers are found in this category. They are the Kilburn Black, Kilburn Cream, Stockwell and Kilburn Steel Edition. Condensing all the technology from its original speakers and amplifiers, the portable models sport a mobile, sleek look to its outer form. A well-balanced, midrange extended high of sounds allows for a crisp amplification of music, especially when combined with guitar playing. You can also take it around wherever you go thanks to its compact size and mobility.

Marshall Amplifiers

Used by famous musicians including Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple in '66, and Jimi Hendrix in 1969 with numbers steadily growing, Marshall has secured their place as one of the top brands in music. Aside from their speakers and headphones, the brand is also known for creating amplifiers for electric guitars and basses.

Marshall Effects

Another thing that every musician should have, especially guitarists and bassists are effects pedals. Marshall brings you a selection of effects pedals that would allow you to create a broader range of sound. From delays, reverbs, distortions, wahs, phasers, and more, Marshall has you covered.

If you are looking for top-notch speakers, headphones, amplifiers, and guitar effects, always choose Marshall. Trusted by big names in the music industry, you can never go wrong with choosing this brand.