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Maternity Care

For new couples, pregnancy can be an exciting and nerve-racking experience that would test the strength of their relationship. With the ongoing changes of your mood and your body, this life-changing experience would perhaps be the most memorable in your lifetime. Treasure your moments and make pregnancy much easier with these maternity care products below or read more about the importance of prenatal care here.

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PRETTY SEE Maternity Belt Pregnancy Support Belt Belly Band, One Size, Black
₱ 1,669.00

Dear Customer, we have read these negative review, and take serious attention on it. Please read the following answers. Review: So stinky! Bad smell. Reply: We have already updated the production process, these subsequent belts will not come with smell any more. We do apologise for the inconvenience. Thanks for your purchase! Using Instrctions: Please check the picture including following instructions: 1.Wear this support belt with adhering to your lower back. 2.Use the larger one to stick each other and adjust the tightness. 3.Paste the smaller belt and adjust the size to meet various needs. There is one picture showing wearing steps,hope it can do some help. Washing Instrctions: Soak in warm water for 10 minutes. Wash with detergents. Rinse is the most important process, be sure to repeatedly washed two or three times with water until the water becomes clear so far. After washing it should be placed in the sun drying for antivirus sterilization. Information Carrying a baby inside a body can be tough work, and every pregnant woman has attested to and has to accept this fact. Sagging abdomen, back pressure and loosen pelvis make the pregnant women feel tired and annoyed. This multi-function support belt aims to provide enough support and relieve the stress for sweatful women. This belt is great for body shaper and waist pain reliever, also can be used at home, office , walk etc. If you want to know more details or have any questions, please look through the detailed page or contact the customer service. Feature Material: cotton & spandex Type: pregnancy support belt Size: 44.5''*6.3''(L*W) Net weight: 7.8oz Color: black Package list: 1* Maternity Belt

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Maternity Belt Pregnancy Belly Band Pelvic Support Belt
₱ 1,875.00

ThermoScience Specializes in Combining USA Desinged, Innovative Technology and Premium Materials to Produce Authentic Equipment, You Can't Find Anywhere Else! Each Maternity Belly Support Belt is Made with Premium Craftsmanship & Carefully Examined by the Highest Industry Standards! ThermoScence Understands the Importance of Support and Comfortabilty, While Being Pregnant Which Is Why We've Created the ThermoScience Maternity Belt! Having A Baby is An Incredible, Exciting Experience Every Mother Gets To Go Through. However Pregnancy Pains are Real and ThermoScience is Here to Help Soon-to-be Mothers Cope With Lower Back Problems That Haunt Many Throughout Pregnancy. When Your Baby is Growing Your Belly Begins To Grow As Well and When Your Baby's Weight is Added to Your Belly, The Entire Spine is Exposed to An Exceeding Amount of Pressure. The Extra Pressure Can Cause Painful Muscle Fatigue and Strain. The ThermoScience Maternity Support Belt Helps Relieve Some of that Pressure and Provide You With Compressed Support to Help Counter Those Annoying Lower Back Pains. The ThermoScience Maternity Belt was Carefully Designed To Help Lift Your Abdominal Area to: -Relieve Minor Back Pain -Help Improve Posture -Support Balance -Provide Gentle Compression -Relieve Pelvic Area Joint Fatigue -Alleviate Muscle Soreness -Effectively Lessen Spinal Pressure Buy Yours Now and Start Getting the Support You Deserve! Buy with Confidence, ThermoScience Offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If You Aren't Completely Satisfied With Your Purchase, Simply Return Your Product Within the First 30 Days, No Questions Asked!

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Lady Slim Women’s Powernet Post-Surgery Postpartum Recovery Abdominal Support Girdle Belly Binder Maternity Belt M
₱ 2,084.00

Post-Surgery or Postpartum garments are an integral part of the tummy tuck recovery process. At the completion of surgery or after giving birth, an abdominal binder is advised to be used. The abdominal binder serves as the first and perhaps most important compression garment. The PowerNet waist binder compresses the tummy tuck area preventing fluid formation and helping the drain work more efficiently. As your belly grows during pregnancy, so does your discomfort. You can feel every pull and twinge from the weight of your heavy belly. That can leave you struggling to do things without a little extra support. This Lady Slim belly band can come to the rescue on that! It'll be the closest thing you have to a helping hand. This Body Shaper has 3 Elasticated Bands that creates a firm control on your waist and abdomen. It reduces your waistline instantly! The 3 stretchy bands are adjustable for a better compression for your convenience. Our new Lady Slim PowerNet Weight Loss Body Shaper helps you achieve a slimmer, smoother look. This hottest new girdle shapes, flatten and control the bulges. Lady Slim Body Shapers do not only offer styles with great coverage, but also have ultra-flat seams that are comfortable and go unnoticed under clothing. You can wear this Post Maternity Shapewear all day long with a sweat-free comfort. This Faja Colombiana Shapewear is also designed to support the lower back to give you a better posture.

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Sunny BUY Support Maternity Panties Cotton Underwear Women Pregnancy Seamless Under Bump Underwear(5,M)
₱ 1,970.00

When Should You Start Using Maternity Underwear? Some women gain a lot of weight right from the beginning of their pregnancy. Other women start to pile on the pounds in the last half of their pregnancy. Bump maternity underwear can help you feel more comfortable when you're in late pregnancy. So while you probably won't need pregnancy underwear the first few months, you'll want to have some ready to go once you hit your last trimester. How Many Pairs of Maternity Panties Will You Need? That really depends upon how often you want to do laundry. Remember that your energy will start to evaporate during your pregnancy. So unless you're certain you'll have the energy to do laundry twice a week, you'll want to make sure you have a week's worth of maternity panties on hand. What Should You Look for In Pregnancy Underwear? How high you want them riding up: You can get underwear that come up over your belly if you want, but you can also get low riders that go way under your belly. the low riders are the best bet because some days some one didn't want anything touching stomach. Watch the size: You don't just have to consider your current size, but you also need to calculate how many weeks you still have to go and how much weight you could potentially gain during that time. Some women gain far more than 35 pounds while they are pregnant - I've known some that have gained 60 pounds. If you're underweight to begin with or you're expecting twins, you might really gain a lot. Wear what makes you comfortable: Breathable comfy under bump maternity underwear. these are more comfortable due to the fullness of the coverage.these don't irritate skin at all. Soft and not scratchy at all. You're doing a lot of hard work - you shouldn't stress about your underwear.

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Make Pregnancy a Better Experience with the Best Maternity Care Products!

Carrying a baby for 9 months is no joke; it is one of many life-changing experiences that you would encounter during your lifetime. During this process, your body will undergo many changess, not only physical but also emotional. Even your very taste buds are changing to adapt to your baby’s needs. Expectant mothers need all the support they can get from their partners, as well as from their immediate family to properly welcome your newborn baby.

Why is prenatal care important?

Taking care of yourself while pregnant is as important as giving birth. To ensure that your baby is healthy, you need to be careful about everything that you use and consume, from the food that you eat, down to the clothes that you wear. Aside from having regular prenatal checkups, you need to take care of yourself at home or at the office. Promoting a healthy childbirth starts from the moment you learn about your pregnancy.

Maternity care products that every expectant mother must have

You want what’s best for your baby, and your body knows that. Maternity care extends to all aspects of life, even down to the tiniest detail. If you are an expectant mother, then here are maternity care products that you should have to prepare you for your 9-month journey:

Pregnancy pillows

As you progress on your pregnancy, your body will be physically changing to accommodate the growing baby inside your womb. Your stomach will continue to expand, and with it comes new challenges, among them is being comfortable while sleeping. There are many types of pregnancy pillows such as a wedge pillow for under your tummy, a full-body pillow, or the unique total-body pregnancy pillow. Each pillow can be made with different materials and have their own pros and cons.

Maternity garments

With the continuous expansion of your womb, you would need to find more comfortable clothes to wear. As much as possible, avoid wearing tight jeans or any tight-fitting clothing to avoid constriction. With today’s selection of maternity clothing available, you would be able to fit into one and still remain fashionable with your baby bump!

Health and beauty products

Taking care of your baby means taking care of yourself. As a defense mechanism, your body is a little bit more sensitive to chemicals and harmful ingredients that could potentially harm your baby. Among the ingredients that you should stay clear from are retinoids, salicylic acid, soy, as well as hair removers and minimizers. Stick to pregnancy-safe products from trusted brands.

Shop for the best maternity care products online!

When pregnant, your body becomes more sensitive to everything that is happening. From the food that you eat down to the clothes you wear, you need to be more careful about your choices. Find the best maternity products online from the biggest brands such as Pureen, Autumnz and so much more!