Health and beauty can only be as good as the tools that you use for it. If you are looking for a selection of tools that would enhance your state of relaxation, beauty, and health, then you are on the right page. Take a look at our variety of health and beauty tools such as makeup brushes, kits, massagers, shapewear, mani and pedi needs for both men and women; click here to read more.

Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Irregular Heartbeat Detector The Upper Arm Pressure Monitor provides fast and accurate readouts for monitoring your blood pressure at home or anywhere you wish. The WHO level bar displays how your reading compares to normal home blood pressure levels. And irregular heartbeat detection indicator alerts you if an irregular heartbeat is detected. The wide range cuff fits both standard and large arms with circumferences from 8.8 to 12.8 inches for a comfortable measurement. Features Accurate and fast blood pressure measurement. Large; and easy-to-read LCD screen. WHO level bar to compare your readings. Irregular heartbeat detector. Wrap around your upper arm and press the button to measure. The cuff fits upper arm 22-32cm (8.8-12.8''). Intelligent automatic compression and decompression. 99 readings of storage for 2 persons. Automatic shut down and data saved function. This unit can be charged via Micro USB interface. Tips Normal blood pressure is a systolic and diastolic pressure of less than 120/80 mm Hg. You are considered high blood pressure or hypertension if your blood pressure goes up to 140/90 mm Hg. Recommend to check blood pressure at least three times a week for the people who have high blood pressure/ pre-hypertension. An adult resting heart beat ranges from 60-100 heartbeats/minutes. Tachycardia means the heart beating over-fast at rest - over 100 beats/minute. Bradycardia means the heart beating over-slow - below 60 beats/minute. Specifications Display LCD digital display Measurement Range Pressure: 20-280mm Hg (2.7-37kPa) Pulse 40-160 beats/minute Accuracy/Calibration Pressure: ±3mmHg (0.4kPa), Pulse: ±5% Memory Capacity 99 sets of memories of 2 people LCD Size 5.0 x 4.0 cm Power Supply 6V DC (4 x AAA batteries, not included) Cuff Size Approx. 22-32cm (8.8-12.8'') Tube Length 61.3cm product Weight 320g Package Size 11.5L x 10W x 16H cm Package Contents 1 x Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, 1 x Wide-range Cuff, 1 x Carrying Pouch, 1 x User Manual ₱ 695.40
Digital LCD Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor + Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Set The combo includes a wrist blood pressure monitor and a fingertip pulse oximeter to accurately measure blood pressure, SpO2 and pulse rate. Both units feature large and easy-to-read LCD display and large control buttons for simple operation. And the compact and low-profile design makes it easy to use at home or on the road. Blood Pressure Monitor: Quickly and accurately measure blood pressure. The width of the blood pressure cuff ranges from 13.5cm to 19.5cm, easy to attach without any assistance. Big LCD digital display can show you the accurate results. Can store 99 groups of measuring results of two people and display the average reading of measurement results of the latest three times. Automatically compress and decompress while working. BP level bar displays how your reading compares to normal home blood pressure levels. Automatically power off if there is no operation within 1 minute. Two display units: kPa, mmHg. Fingertip Pulse Oximeter: Accurate and reliable SpO2 and pulse rate measurement. Two color Oled display, more display modes. Low power consumption. Automatically power off in 8 seconds when there is no signal. Low voltage indicator. Compact and portable. Specifications Blood Pressure Monitor Display LCD display Measurement Wrist type Measurement Range Nibp: 20-280mmHg, Pr:40-199 times/min Accuracy Nibp: Wrist Circumference Range 13.5cm-19.5cm Battery 2 x AAA batteries (not included) Low Electrical Parameters 2.4V+-0.1V Showing Low Power Blood Pressure Test Current Shutdown Current Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Display Olcd Display Power 1.5V (Aaa size) alkaline battery x 2 Automatic Power-of Automatically power off when no signal in the oximeter for more than 8 seconds. Product Size 56*33*28mm Weight About 55g Package Contents 1 x Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor, 1 x Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor User Manual, 1 x Oximeter, 1 x Oximeter Lanyard, 1 x Oximeter User Manual ₱ 1,230.74
Mini Portable Personal Ultrasonic Nebulizer Handheld Steam Inhaler This Ultrasonic Nebulizer is compact and lightweight, easy to carry with you everywhere. It emits fine atomized particles range from 1 to 5μm, more friendly to your respiratory system. It is ideal for who need nebulization on the go. It is also a great vapor therapy for colds, flu, bronchitis, and other respiratory ailments. Ultra-Quiet Equipped with piezoelectric components, ultra quiet in use. Fine Particles Emits fine atomized particles range from 1 to 5μm, more friendly to your respiratory system. Less Residue Less residual liquid, residue≤0.5ml, more economic. 2 Atomization Ways Allows you to choose to use with a mask or mouthpiece. Please note that there are different masks for kids and adult. 2 Kinds of Power Supply Powered by 2 AA alkaline batteries(not included) or USB power extension cable, more convenient for household and daily use. User Friendly Easy to use, suitable for all ages. Portable & Lightweight Weighs about 90g, mini but mighty, enables you to use anywhere and anytime as you want. Wide Usage An ideal product for those who need nebulization on the go. It is also a great vapor therapy for colds, flu, bronchitis, and other respiratory ailments. Specifications Material ABS USB Rechargeable Yes Power 2W Working Frequency 120KHz±10% Atomization Rate 0.2ml/min and less Atomized Particles 1-5μm Product Weight Approx 90g Product Size 4.5 x 4.5 x 10cm Package Contents 1 x Ultrasonic Nebulizer 1 x Cover 1 x Adult Mask 1 x Kid Mask 1 x Mouthpiece 1 x Connector ₱ 1,284.27
JZIKI ZK-B872 Automatic Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Meter with Large Display This lightweight wrist blood pressure monitor adopts high accuracy pressure sensor, enables you to precisely check your blood pressure anywhere, from the office to on the go. Simply slip over your wrist and press start, easy-to-read digital shows your blood pressure and pulse. Features Adopting high accuracy pressure sensor, quickly and accurately measure blood pressure. Automatically compress and decompress while working. Can memorize 99 groups of measuring results of two people, allowing you to track your blood pressure and pulse over several months. Supports IHB arrhythmia detection, analyses pulse frequency and detects irregular heart beats during blood pressure measurement. Blood pressure classification function provides convenience for users to judge whether their blood pressure value is normal or not. Playing meditation music while measuring, make you feel more calm, provide more accurate measurement. Support voice prompt, perfect for people with eye diseases or elders. Easy to use, one touch operation, automatically measure the blood pressure. Large scale digital display screen, easy to read the data. Support USB charging. Specifications Brand Jziki Model Zk-B876 Display LCD Measuring Range 20mmHg~280mmHg Pules 40~200 times/minute Resolution 1mmHg(0.1kPa) Accuracy ±3mmHg(±0.4kPa) Pules ±3% Voltage 5V Power Consumption 0.01W Storage Temperature -20℃~50℃ Storage Humidity 15%~90% Operation Temperature 10℃~40℃ Operation Humidity 40%~85% Product Size 142mm x 108mm x 70mm Package Contents 1 x Blood Pressure Monitor ₱ 909.54
Smart USB Mosquito Killer Lamp Trap Repeller Bug Insect Repellent This Smart USB Mosquito Killer Lamp is perfectly suitable for use in bed-room, study, chicken farm and garden, etc, killing mosquitoes in a way completely safe to humans and pets. Utilizing a high frequency blue light to lure flying insects to form a practical, efficient, hygienic and automatic electronic insect extermination system, low power consumption and high anti-mosquito performance. Multifunction Smart Mosquito Killer Lamp Utilizing a high frequency blue light to lure flying insects to form a practical, efficient, hygienic and automatic electronic insect extermination system, low power consumption and high anti-mosquito performance. Eco-friendly & Physical Method Purely physical mosquito eradication technique kill mosquitoes in a manner completely safe to humans and pets, no electric noise, non-chemical, non-toxin, and non-radiative. Easy Use Simply plug the Mosquito Killer Lamp into an electrical outlet so that flying or crawling insects nearby will be attracted to the light and approach the electronically charged metal grid which will result in their electrocution. 360 Degree Suction Fan Mosquitoes flying at close proximity from any direction will be sucked into the insect trapper, very effectively. USB Power Support Design Powered by USB with DC 5V safe voltage, and it can be powered by an adapter, power bank or any device with a USB port. Wide Application Great for use in bed-room, study, hall, hotel, office, camping tent, chicken farm and garden, etc. Specifications Material ABS Item Type Mosquito Killer Lamp Plug USB Rated Power 3W Voltage 110V-220V Output 5V/ 1A Applicable Area 20-50 Square Meters (Indoor) Color Black/ White Product Size Height 19cm x Diameter 13cm Product Weight 450g Package Contents 1 x Mosquito Killer Lamp 1 x USB Cable ₱ 748.94

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Daily Essentials for Beauty, Health, and Relaxation

Health and beauty tools are an amazing addition to your daily regimens whether for cosmetics, fitness, hairdressing, etc. It makes work easier, better, and more effective than doing it yourself. While beauty tools are mostly directed for women, men also have their fair share of these amazing beauty essentials and it’s something to feel good about!

Why you should have your own beauty tools

While some would deem it unnecessary, having your own health and beauty necessities is important; here are great reasons why:

  • The main reason why you should have your own beauty tools is to achieve your goals whether #hairgoals, #nailgoals, #fitnessgoals, etc. With these great health and beauty necessities you would be able to achieve these awesome goals in no time.
  • For individuals who are conscious about their appearance, weight, and well being, having your own beauty tools enables you to personalize your own regimen whether on weight gain/loss and body shaping, cosmetics, hairstyling, etc.
  • Another reason why you should have your own beauty tools is for hygiene. Aside from maintaining your body clean, having your own beauty tools is a must-have. The thing about most of these tools is that you use them on your own body, therefore these necessities are personal and are not meant to be shared.
  • Finally, beauty tools are essential for maintaining whatever goals you have achieved, especially when it comes to your body’s health and fitness.

Beauty tools every girl must have

Girls are always the expert when it comes to health and beauty tools. From make up brushes, sponges, down to hair styling, manicure and pedicure needs. For women, looking good is feeling good, that is why we spend countless hours in the gym or in front of the mirror. Here are some great essentials that every girl must have on their nightstands:

Makeup Brushes
Hair Styling Tools
Mani/Pedi Needs

Beauty tools for men

While men would often deny having health and beauty tools, some of them are fairly essential. Most of the beauty tools for men aside from the usual nail clippers, massagers, and scratchers, are male shapewear that would better fit and tone their bodies. You can check out awesome shapewear garments for men here.

Health and beauty necessities are essential for your daily regimen. It can help you personalize your routine and is hygienic. If you are looking for health and beauty tools, you can take a look at several brands such as Babyliss, Etude House, Omron, Innisfree and so much more!