Avoid the doctor by monitoring your blood pressure yourself! Monitor your blood pressure the efficient way with these simple steps.

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Keep check on your blood pressure monitors

Blood pressure can be the cause many health related problems. Did you know that 1 in every 3 adults in the US has high blood pressure? That’s about 77.9 million people in the US alone! Here in the Philippines, the numbers are not encouraging either. The stats are equally high. Thankfully, there are ways to not only monitor your blood pressure, but keep it under control. One way to start is to use blood pressure monitors. Besides monitoring your blood pressure using machines, there are easier ways to do it. Here are a few ways to keep your blood pressure down.

Eat less salt

When it comes to blood pressure, there is one factor that increases blood pressure in an instant – salt. As we tend to eat out more often, we consume high levels of sodium. The high sodium content upsets the balance of water in your body and could cause a little dehydration. In order to eat less salt, simply stay away from fried foods (reduce your intake). You could also eat more vegetables as vegetables could help regulate your body processes.

Be active

Exercise is one of the sexiest ways to reduce blood pressure and keep to fit. Exercise causes your body to sweat. Sweat is basically your body’s way of releasing excessive substances such as salt and other harmful materials such as alcohol. If you aren’t able to exercise, you could always try to be more active and exert your energy in other ways. Use the stairs instead of the lift. Get up from your desk at work and walk around every 20 minutes. All these habits help your body’s metabolism get moving.

Get checked out

Everyone needs a medical check-up once in a while. Medical examinations have been known to detect potential risks in health and also identify and kerb illness at an early stage. Most of us may not be accustomed to getting a blood test done from time to time, much less a full-body check-up. This is no surprise as people are first, terrified going to the doctor’s office, secondly, terrified of what they will find out. But still, we need to create awareness as to the complications of high blood pressure, and to do this, seeing a doctor is the most legit way.