Are you buying a scale in order to measure your weight loss progress? Before doing so, find out more about how you can improve and better your lifestyle to aid in weight loss here.

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Reasons Why Your Scale Won’t Budge

You have been trying out a new fitness regime or a weight loss programme but somehow the digits on the scale refuses to budge. Instead of feeling upset and disheartened, there can be just a few things that you might be doing wrong. Once you’ve gotten that out of the way or if you’ve adjusted your lifestyle, you’ll be able to see a significant improvement!

#1 Don’t Avoid Fatty Food

Consuming fats is a requirement in order to sustain a healthy diet. They provide our body with essential fatty acids and is necessary to deliver fat-soluble vitamins. In other words, our body requires an intake of fats to be able to function properly – approximately 10% of our daily calories has to come from fat. So, to incorporate fat intake into our diet, you can consume foods like avocados, seeds, raw nuts, and wild fish rather than butter, bacon, and processed foods.

#2 Refrain from Starving Yourself

Our body knows what it needs to sustain itself. Which is why, when you starve yourself for dinner just because you had a really heavy lunch, it sets your body into ‘panic’ mode. Not knowing when it will next receive food, your body converts your previously consumed food into fats. It does this to be able to sustain itself in case it doesn't receiving food and nutrients in the near future. So, if you’re guilty of this, avoid starving yourself out of guilt. Instead, you can alter your lifestyle to consume five to six small meals throughout the day. Just by doing this, you will be able to boost your metabolism too!

#3 Avoid Calorie Counting

Everybody’s lifestyle is different which is why everyone’s daily calorie intake should differ. If you’re mainly in a sedentary lifestyle, you will not require as many calories as someone who is constantly on the get-go. So, refrain from relying on women’s magazine to gauge your calorie intake and instead, consume a healthy and balanced diet without binge eating and starving your body.

#4 Start Exercising

While they say that a fit body is 70% made in the kitchen and 30% in the gym, it doesn’t mean that you can avoid exercising completely. A simple 30 minutes workout three days a week would suffice. However, if you’re struggling with the time commitment, you can make minor changes to your current lifestyle to be more physically active.

The simplest few changes that you can make to your daily lives include taking the stairs instead of the elevator, do squats while you’re watching television or even brisk walk when you’re heading out to lunch.

Mechanical or Electronics Scale?

Ready to invest in your very own weighing scale? You can now decide between purchasing the mechanical scale or the electronic scale! Both with their own pros and cons.

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