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Meike ® MK-14EXT Macro TTL ring flash for Canon E-TTL TTL with LED AF assist lamp at 10296.00 PHP from Galleon
Meike ® MK-14EXT Macro TTL ring flash for Canon E-TTL TTL with LED AF assist lamp
₱ 10,296.00
Introduction The Macro Ring Flash can produce a ring of light that reduces shadow which is excellent for taking macro shots. The Flash tube is mounted in front of your lens producing light that wrap around the objects. 7 adaptor ring is included to enable flashlight to couple with lens. Specifications: Max Sync Speed:1/320s Type: Close-up Guide No.: 14/46(lSO100,in meter/feet) Effective Distance: Approx,20cm-5m Color temperature: 5500K Flash coverage: 80°degrees in either direction Firing configuration: Two flash tubes can be fired together or single Flash ratio control: 1:8~1:1 ~8 in 1/2-stop increments Flash exposure compensation: Manual,FBE:lN 1/3-stop increments Flash exposure confirmation: Flash exposure confirmation lamp lights Focusing lamp converage: Approx.40°top and bottom and 45° left and rights/On time:Approx: 20sec. Recycling timer: Approx.0.1~5sec. Supply battery: 4xAA/LR6 alkaline batteries Battery life: Approx.100~800 flashes(with AA/LR6 alkaline batteries) External power source: Compact battery pack Canon CP-E4 FLASH COMPATIBLE ON CAMERAS: All Canon DSLR Cameras Such as 5D Mark II/7D/60D/600D/550D/500D/1000D/1100D/5D/50D/40D/450D/600D/650D/ 5D Mark III etc. Package includes: MK-14EXT LED Marco TTL Ring Flash for Canon x1 52mm 55mm 58mm 62mm 67mm 72mm 77mm Adapter Ring x1 Leather carrying bag X1 Chinese and English Manual x1 Warranty Card x1 (Original manufactory package)
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