Meizu offers many designs that come with right specs and prices for the people. Thanks to the combination of unbeatable prices and unbelievable performance, Meizu products are feature-packed with all the right things. Read more about Meizu Philippines here below to find out.

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Top MEIZU Price List 2021

Top 10 products Price Store
Meizu M6T ₱ 5,990.00 Shopee
Meizu M6 ₱ 4,999.00 Shopee
Meizu M6s ₱ 10,990.00 Shopee
Meizu M6 Note ₱ 6,990.00 Shopee
Meizu M5s ₱ 4,999.00 Lazada
Meizu M5 Note ₱ 8,199.00 Lazada
Meizu M3 Max ₱ 11,192.00 Lazada
Meizu M5s 32GB Gold ₱ 4,999.00 Lazada
Meizu 15 ₱ 5,524.00 Lazada
Meizu 18 ₱ 5,922.00 Taobao
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Meizu Meizu M6T

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The Essential Guide to Top Meizu Products

Once upon a time, the whole world looks to Apple, Nokia, Samsung and other established smartphone brands to get the latest model. Despite being a newcomer, Meizu shows that it is a true force to be reckoned with. Its products have been hailed as unique and innovative in a market where most smartphone designs are more alike. This definitive guide to Top Meizu products will help you to decide the best Meizu design that matches your needs.

Meizu Smartphone

Meizu is a new player that offers refreshing smartphone designs that redefine the concept of smartphone itself. Furthermore, it boasts a wide range of smartphones for users with different needs. For more Meizu products, you can take a look at Meizu smartphones.

Meizu Pro 6 Plus

While the whole world is excited with the release of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, a growing number of people believe that Meizu Pro 6 Plus smartphone can be a surprisingly compelling alternative. This all-metal Meizu design boasts many powerful specifications that enable it to stand toe-in-toe with even the powerful Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Despite its powerful hardware, it is well-designed with its elegant and premium body build. When it comes to its color, many reviewers are pleasantly surprised that it has softer and more metallic sheen than most similar smartphones in the market.

Thanks to its Quad HD resolution, you can enjoy 2K resolution on your 5.7-inch display screen. Despite its screen module is only 1.65mm thin, it is still thick enough to display its brilliance. Utilizing Samsung Super AMOLED display, you can expect clear and vivid display colors from any viewing angle. Since it can cover up to 103% of the NTSC color gamut, it offers a broader color gamut and more accurate color performance. In fact, you can view precise color details without any compromises. Meizu Pro 6 Plus epitomizes the statement fully that "what you see is what you get."

This Meizu smartphone utilizes highly efficient Exynos 8 technology that can run any large-scale or demanding apps that you throw at it. Combined with highly advanced SCI Samsung architecture and a powerful 12-core GPU, this is a state-of-the-art flagship chipset that provides powerful performance while consuming less power at the same time. When it comes to high-load conditions, its two 2.6GHz M1-cores are automatically enabled so that you can enjoy better and smoother performance. This enables you to enjoy a more consistent and more stable performance for a longer period of time.

Meizu MX6

Another popular Meizu smartphone in the market is Meizu MX6 model. With its exquisite body structure, Meizu MX6 is all about embodying the essentials of precise and minimalist design. As a result, you can expect excellent craftsmanship from this ultra-modern Meizu design. It is also the first phone in Meizu MX series that uses a 10-core A72-based CPU to guarantee high performance and processing speed. Moreover, it enjoys the added advantage of 4GB RAM which enables you to switch between apps without losing any performance. In fact, whatever you can do on this Meizu smartphone can be processed in an instant.

It houses a massive 3060mAh battery that allows you to enjoy your seamless smartphone experience up to 9 hours. The battery has been designed to ensure stable performance over an extended lifespan of 500 cycles. As if it is not enough, Meizu MX6 also features mCharge which makes it possible to get a full charge in just 75 minutes. Thanks to this excellent feature, your Meizu smartphone can last for a long time even with extended usage.

Meizu Phablet

Phablet combines the best features out of smartphone and tablet into a solid package. While this can be a trade-off, phablet turns out fine without any significant weaknesses. Some of the Meizu phablets have been regarded as the finest models in the market. As they feature the latest innovation, they can even surpass most existing phablets.

Meizu M3 Max

The 6 inch Meizu M3 Max phablet will offer you powerful performance that allows you to experience the true meaning of highly responsive pleasure. Despite its larger size, it is surprising that it does not look bulky. Its slim and sleek design promises a more comfortable experience when you hold it. Meizu M3 Max is the perfect example of how it maximizes performance in a minimalist build design.

Its power-efficient Full HD display grants you sharp and vivid color rendering. Thanks to its IPS technology, you can enjoy a great viewing experience without straining your eyes. It is amazing that you can enjoy a vivid and efficient performance in Meizu M3 Max's display screen. This Meizu phablet enables you to view stunningly beautiful visuals without compromise its performance and battery life at the same time.

Meizu M3 Max packs a 4100mAh battery which gives you the power for the whole day. With such large capacity, you can enjoy up to 9 hours of GPS, 10.2 hours of video playback, and 17.2 hours of editing documents. While it has a powerful battery, it also utilizes highly efficient octa-core processor which combines power and efficiency in all apps. Its whopping 3GB RAM provides you more than enough space and memory to do multi-tasking smoothly.