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MK Sling Bag: All You Need To Know

Michael Kors sling bags are a perfect choice for those who need a durable, fashionable bag at a reasonable price. These bags have impressive features, perfect for those who are looking for something simple, functional, yet fashionable. In terms of design, Michael Kors sling bags come with a square/rectangular-shaped compartment that is either zipped or folded (envelope) with a long strap that's attached on the side. This strap is a handy feature that lets you carry the bag on your shoulders or across your body easily. Michael Kors sling bags vary in shape, color, size, and design which makes them a flexible type of bag.


Sizes of Michael Kors sling bags can range from big to small depending on the design and purpose of the bag. Michael Kors sling bags come in a wide variety of styles, from nylon and canvas to high-quality leather. If you will be carrying valuable items in your sling bag, you will want to pick a style that provides some security by fully closing, so that any important items will be secure when worn on the back.

Some Michael Kors sling bags have the same size as other backpacks, carrying everything you'll need for school, work or play. Convenient front and side pockets keep sunglasses, smartphones, and audio players easily accessible. Some MK sling bag styles come with a mesh pocket for a bottle of water or your favorite refreshment.

How to Carry Michael Kors Sling Bags Comfortably

While Michael Kors sling bags are easy and comfortable to wear, carrying one for long periods can be a little bit strenuous, especially if you put too much stuff in your bag. Sling bags are a hybrid pack designed to rest comfortably behind you while allowing easy access by simply swinging it off your shoulder. The position of the curved, padded shoulder strap causes the bag to ride on the back without slipping forward.

Since the shape of the shoulders is near the base of the neck, it is usually higher than the tip of the shoulder, creating a natural “down slope”. As such, when you carry a sling bag on one shoulder, there’s a tendency for the bags to slide off the shoulder. In order to stop the bags from sliding, one usually needs to lift up the shoulder on the same side to level the “down slope”. This results in pain and stiffness in the shoulder and neck muscles.

To carry a Michael Kors sling bag properly, be sure to carry it with its strap across the chest. By doing so, the weight of the bag pulls the strap towards the base of the neck (the “cross” effect), instead of slipping off the shoulder. Thus, there wouldn’t be a need for the shoulder to elevate excessively.

Carrying a sling bag across your chest makes it easier for you to support the weight of the bag using your hip or back. The risk of overusing your neck and shoulder muscles is reduced since there isn’t too much downward pull on the shoulder. With these simple tips, you are now ready to carry your Michael Kors sling bag with ease!

How to carry a Michael Kors sling bag with style

Michael Kors sling bags are the ideal accessories that are often used during music festivals, traveling, sightseeing, and much more. Here are ways you can wear your Michael Kors sling bag.

On a night out

On a night, it is advisable to wear a smaller sling bag so that you can party the night away and carry it hassle-free.


As traveling or sightseeing requires a lot of walking, the last thing you would want to worry about is having to lug your heavy bag around. Depending on the country you are traveling in, security is important. Therefore, pick a sling bag with many compartments. So, for your next travel adventure simply opt for a Michael Kors crossbody bag to pack your essentials.

Make sure your sling bag compliments your accessories

Look chic when you pair your garment with a medium-sized Michael Kors crossbody bag. if you are wearing something more casual like a dress, opt for smaller Michael Kors sling bags.

You can also try to pair shades with an item from your outfit. Try pairing other accessories like a watch or a pair of shoes for awesome results.

Avoid carrying heavy items

When carrying Michael Kors bags, avoid carrying bulky and heavy items like laptops as sling bags are carried on one shoulder and may be burdensome. Other than that, it is also not recommended to carry them on a daily.