Part of road safety is having the right tires for your car or vehicle. Thankfully, there is one name in the Philippines you can trust – Michelin. Michelin tires have proven to be the top in the world through the years. From F1 races to other motorsports, Michelin has sure made a name for itself. Today, you can get Michelin tires in Malaysia. Find out more here or browse the products above.


Simple Tips to Choose Michelin Tires

If you’ve watched Ghostbusters, you will be familiar with a haunted large white character that terrorized the city, sometimes called the Michelin Man. Although not acquainted with Ghostbusters per say, the Michelin Man is the ultimate mascot for perfection. Michelin’s logo featuring the Michelin man is the symbol of the company’s involvement in the rubber tire industry.

It’s no trick to get Michelin tires for your car. Choosing tires for your car is just like choosing shoes for your feet. Think of all the elements that make you move safely – grip, stability, speed, and terrain, each of these influence the decision to buy or not to buy a set of tires. Let’s look at some of the factors to think about when buying a set of tires.

The car that you drive

Many people think that you can fit any sort of wheels on a car as long as they look good. Unfortunately, not all wheels were created equal. Larger capacity cars tend to have bigger, fatter tires for better automotive stability. Look through your car manual or user’s booklet to find out the optimal size for tires.


The terrain you drive your car on also influences your tire choice. If you intend to drive on the road as per usual, then you will look for road tires. If you intend to take your car or SUV off-road, look for tires that have large threads and can take a beating. In extreme cases, run-flat tires work miracles. Michelin tires such as the Michelin PILOT SPORT 3 or the Michelin PRIMACY 3 ST tires make good choices for off-road/semi off-road driving.

Driving style

Ultimately, the biggest factor that should influence your tire choices is the way you drive. When choosing a set of tires, many people will advise you on the various brands and series you can get. But it all boils down to how you drive.

Thinking of building a track car? You will need track tires (fat, tons of grip, low profile). Want to use it for everyday driving? Choose tires that are quiet and prioritize safety in wet and dry conditions. The way the tire absorbs humps and bumps in the road also is a factor when choosing a set.


Those who intend to make an exhibition car that isn’t driven around much usually go for wheels that look good. The best example of this is the JDM Stance scene known particularly in Japan. Thousands of car fanatics gather to show off their lowered, tuned-up cars. Wheels cambered at a ridiculous angle allow you to show off your car to all your fans.

Michelin safety tips

In order to be a good road user, it is important for us to take note of the tire safety tips. Here are some safety tips to better use your Michelin tires. First of all, when choosing tires, make sure you get tires that are of the same size and type as your original car tires. It is recommended to change tires all together instead of individually. Be sure to synchronize the tyre pressure so as not to have one side too little or too much. This will further give you ride stability and comfort. Also, do be sure to check your tyre pressure frequently and pump up every two weeks or so. This includes your spare tire. For maximum efficiency, keep to the limit when it comes to the number of people you carry in your car.

When it comes to tires, we cannot compromise. This is why we need Michelin tires for our cars and other vehicles. Built with safety as foremost, along with ride stability, comfort and performance in mind, Michelin tires cater to your drive. Michelin knows that a car’s handling is paramount to its safety and overall performance on both the track and road.

Michelin automotive has two main lines of tires. Michelin Premier tires are made for safety and stability whereas Michelin Pilot tires are made more for racing performance on the track. Depending on what type of result you want, you can customize your ride.

Now that you know the tricks of the trade with Michelin tires, it’s time to experience it for yourself. Whether you’re into motorcycles, sedans, SUVs or simply any vehicle out there, there is a set of Michelin tires to suit your ride.

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